Powell Tearing Down The Corruption System; Trump’s Team Expose Voter Fraud | Beyond The Noise

Today we will analyze the reason behind Trump team’s statement and Sidney Powell’s response. What it means for the America people. And what meanings are behind those responses. It seems that Sidney and Trump’s team will take diverging paths on legal pursuits, and not on their common goal.

Sidney Powell specifically mentioned Hammer and Scorecard, two programs developed by the CIA to control foreigns surveillance after 9/11. It was exposed by CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery to have been used to sway the 2012 election by Obama. If this is true, does Sidney know CIA’s involvement?

Smartmatics and Dominion are showing signs of connection they so desperately try to hide. In a Philippino interview with Lord Malloch Brown, he mentioned that Smartmatics uses Dominion softwares. More clues are uncovered in this episode and more.

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