PA Third Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Trump Request For Expedited Review Of Lower Court Decision

Corrupt Courts!

District Judge Mathew Brann ruled against President Trump’s legal team on Saturday saying that the Trump Campaign didn’t have enough evidence to overturn the election results.

But the problem with that is both President Trump and his team said that they were not allowed to present any witnesses or evidence.

How does that happen? Well, let me explain.

Judge Brann was appointed by former President Barack Obama, and seems to be a great ally to Pennsylvania’s corrupt secretary of State, who attempted to change the laws just days before Election day and got caught.

Thankfully, a judge ruled that she overstepped her power in doing so, and ordered the ballots affected by the change to not be counted.

Rudy Giuliani filed a notice of appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on the decision, and this just in…..The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the Trump campaign’s request for an expedited review of the lower court’s decision.

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Author: {TWR}