COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Reality Check

Televisions, computers, radios, and cell phones are blowing up with the media sounding the alarm: “hospitals are reaching full capacity!” while governors slide back into their authoritarian lockdowns. Back in March we heard the same panic-stricken message and were flooded with images of people lined up to get into hospitals, shortages of beds and ventilators, freezer trucks lining the allies, graves being dug, and hospital ships swimming their way to the coasts of New York and California. Yet, by April 21, the Comfort ship was leaving the port from New York because Governor Cuomo said he didn’t need it. Corey’s Digs reported on Inside The Hospitals & Why The Lockdown back in April to show the reality of the situation at that time, and now we have nearly 10 months of data accumulated, and it paints quite a picture.  

A Dose of Reality: Don’t Let The Numbers Fool You

Some hard numbers:

• Total number of hospitals in the US: 6,146

• Total number of staffed beds in all US hospitals: 924,107

The total number of Covid-positive hospitalizations on November 17 in the entire US: 76,958

• Throughout all of 2020, since Covid hit, the US never
exceeded 60k hospitalizations on any given day, until November 10th.

• Patients in hospitals for other reasons are counted as
Covid hospitalizations if they test positive

• March 31 total cumulative Covid-positive hospitalizations in the US: 23,725

• April 30 total cumulative Covid-positive hospitalizations
in the US: 123,786

• July 31 total cumulative Covid-positive hospitalizations
in the US: 308,088

• September 30 total cumulative Covid-positive
hospitalizations in the US: 408,649

November 17 total
cumulative Covid-positive hospitalizations in the US: 517,471

Does 517,471 hospitalizations for the entire year sound alarming? How about after we remove the fact that over 70% of them recovered? How about after we’ve assessed their actual cause of death since the CDC has stated that only 6% of death certificates indicate that people died from Covid, and the remaining 94% have on average 2.6 comorbidities? For starters, 49.49% of all Covid-related deaths included pneumonia. Not to mention, 1 in every 4 deaths in the US are due to heart disease, and 40% of all Covid-related deaths took place in hospice, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes due to other causes.

In 2018, there were
36,251,159 people admitted to hospitals across the US.

In the 2017-2018 Flu season, 810,000 people were hospitalized over the flu.

Did anyone hear a
peep about it? Did they flood the airwaves, scaring the nation with messages of
hospitals being at full capacity, everyone must wear masks to “save lives,” or
that they were short on supplies and ventilators, people were dropping dead
everywhere, and the economy needed to shut down? NO. It was near silent. Over
61,000 people died that flu season.

hospitalizations are at 63.85% of the 2017-2018 Flu hospitalizations, comparing
nearly 10 months of Covid to the flu season which runs from October to May.

There are currently 1,806,590 new cancer cases with 1,600
people dying from cancer each day. Heart disease takes 1 in 4 lives. So when
people find out that a virus has a 98% survival rate, and much higher for those
under 65, they should be thanking their lucky stars, not masking up, shutting
down their businesses, hiding in fear, and waiting for instructions on when
they should jump off a cliff.

Hiding The Data

One of the most incredible things happening right before everyone’s
eyes, is the subversion of data by the Covid Tracking Project, the CDC, media,
and numerous other sources. Why is this and what are they doing? They use trickery
when revealing numbers, so as to manipulate the numbers, and convince everyone
that things are far worse than they actually are.

Example 1:

When determining the cumulative hospitalizations across the US, Corey’s Digs reviewed data from The Covid Tracking Project which was created by journalists from The Atlantic, and is utilized by the CDC, Johns Hopkins, the White House, and most mainstream news sources. For 10 months they have rolled out a cumulative hospitalization column, along with a recovery column. Suddenly, while on day 4 of cross-referencing data points, Corey’s Digs noticed that they hid both of those columns on November 17th. Therefore, when the public goes to this source for numbers, they can longer see those columns. Instead, if they wish to see that data, they must download the csv file, which 99% of people won’t bother to do. Here is the archive from November 15th against the current column structure.

Example 2:

Google refuses to display the recovery numbers, even though
that data can easily be aggregated from the same sources it is pulling the
death rates from. They prefer to keep the good news hidden. By the way, 12.4
million does NOT represent “cases.” That is just more trickery. That number reflects
positive test results, in which case millions of people are asymptomatic. For
additional perspective, only 6.6% of all tests have come back positive. In
other words, millions and millions of people are getting tested because they
are panicking over a sniffle or no symptoms at all, while at the same time establishments
are making employees test repeatedly in order to continue working. That said,
if we were to base the recovery rate solely on these numbers above, screenshot
on November 23, the recovery rate would be 97.93%. However, 94% of those
recorded deaths include people who died with an average of 2.6 comorbidities
and were not listed as Covid being the cause of death, so in that case, the
recovery rate would be 99.99%

There are many more examples
of trickery and hiding data coming up in subsequent articles.

Hacking The Data

Who has access to the data that shows hospitalizations? Only
employees inside their respective hospital who are working with Covid patients,
are able to see how many are hospitalized. Outside of that, the only people who
have access to this data are 800 HHS employees across the country that have
access to their state databases, and they keep a lot of that information within
the department, not even sharing with other hospitals, let alone the public.

What happens when an alleged hack takes place at over 400
hospitals across the country, and they lock their computers down? Hospital
staff have to resort to using paper, and no longer have access to patient
records and pertinent information.

Coincidentally, just as they were beginning to announce a huge increase in “Covid cases” a few days prior to the election, Wired reported that a ransomware attack struck a major US hospital chain consisting of over 400 hospitals across the country. All computers were completely shut down. One nurse told Corey’s Digs that computers were still down and they were using the paper system, for over two weeks after this took place.

Just a few days prior to that, a terrifying article was published regarding Utah hospitals preparing to “ration care to patients, focusing on the young, and letting the elderly die. This was later followed up with an emergency alert to Utah residents letting them know that nearly every county was a high transmission area and “hospitals were nearly overwhelmed.” One nurse confirmed to Corey’s Digs that there were only 2 patients at her hospital.

The population of Utah is 3.2 million. At that point they
had only had a total of 614 Covid-related deaths in the entire state. More people
have chosen to take their lives by suicide each year. They average 620 suicides
per year.

The hospitalization numbers are fed from HHS to the CDC and
other key data trackers, such as The Covid Tracking Project by The Atlantic.
Aside from speaking directly to staff at individual hospitals, or walking into
hospitals to take a look for yourself, there is no way to verify that the total
number of hospitalized Covid patients is in fact legitimate.

Are Hospitals Overwhelmed?

After speaking with staff from numerous hospitals throughout
the year, and more recently, some of them are a little bit overwhelmed, and
many are not. Is it because of Covid patients? The reality is, 22% of hospitals
are understaffed because a lot of them cut staff earlier this year, elective
surgeries were pushed back for months and are now filling up hospitals, and some
have closed off certain wings and only have a limited number of beds setup
strictly for Covid patients. So when the media shouts, “Oh my God! It’s our
worst nightmare! Hospitals are reaching full capacity! Everyone is going to die
from Covid!” they are completely misleading people while invoking fear. There
are currently less than 84k people in hospitals across the entire country, that
they allege is due to Covid. To provide a little perspective, in 2009 there
were over 4.7 million cancer-related hospitalizations alone.

Just remember, when legacy news media is headlining with, “new
world record of 100,000 Covid cases today,” keep in mind that “cases” means “tested
positive,” with most people having little to no symptoms, some tests being
false/positive, and the recovery rate averages 98%, which is must higher for
those under 65.

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the US. Between 250,000 and 440,000 people die annually from medical errors alone. These are numbers that require attention when it comes to Covid, where they have suppressed treatments and are still using ventilators today, despite the fact they are a death sentence, and many doctors have provided other solutions. They have even held senate hearings on these matters, to no avail.

The 2017-2018 highly contagious flu season resulted in 810,000 hospitalizations and over 61,000 deaths – that no one heard a peep about. There were no lockdowns, mask mandates, or restrictions. Chew on that for a bit.

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