100,000 Republican Votes Flagged; Dominion Misses Hearing Show Signs of Guilt? | Beyond The Noise

A Mathematician says in an affidavit at around 100,000 votes are questionable. This comes after more allegations against voter fraud taking place in key battleground states. Dominion had a chance to prove their innocence, but decided to skip out on state hearing. Why are they hiding? We will break down the 8 ways in which voter fraud is taking place, many ways outlined during the press conference.

After that, we will talk about the emergence of socialism and communism in this election. Why it transcends just the election, and it is a much bigger issue. Additionally, more news show changes in each state. Pennsylvania’s Secretary Kathy Boockvar is changing her lawyers, and it may indicate something more than just meets the eye.

New Justices are taking a switch in the circuit courts. Will it be a major change that favors republicans?

Find out on today’s video.

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