Will Trump Protect Presidency With Military If Supreme Court Rules? | Beyond The Noise

What happens if Trump wins at the Supreme Court? Will it cause civil unrests? What will Trump do if that does happen? These are questions that seems to be in the long terms, but we should start to consider it now. Because the legal team says they have enough evidences right now, but it is only the opening chapter. We are going to talk about Trump’s new defense secretary Christopher C Miller and what he brings to Trump’s arsenal. If it comes down to enhancing the constitutional process then how will some people react to the ruling of the Supreme Court if it favors Trump? What has history told us before that might be an indication of what is to come, when the American society is at stake.

In this video from Beyond The Noise, David will highlight some signs that indicate Trump’s next move. Plus, more on what 4 years of Biden will do to America.

That and more in this video!

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