#TuckerNewsSucks POTUS Battles Big Phrma/Med, Wins #StopDominion

11/20/2020: Today, POTUS death blow to Phrma/Med controlled by same MSM billionaires, Powell doubles down, Humanity sees the captured players, all of them compromised….

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Get to Atlanta GA and fight for the Rep_blic:

Sidney Powell on Glen Beck- US white h a t s have the Server:

Release the Powell Kraken!

Our Constitutional Sheriffs fighting for the Republic:


President Trump Speech: America First Health Plan, New Reforms!

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SECDEF Miller and Under Sec Cohen-Watnik speech- bringing Special Operations Command under direct reporting to SECDEF:

The Sherman’s Murder new evidence in Toronto:

UBISOFT raided…

‘No threat detected’ after call triggers major police operation at Montreal building housing Ubisoft

Goodman and David Hawkins on SERCO/Trudeau/Huawei:

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Murdochs and P_doph_philia:

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