Key to Trump Winning; Server Expert Interview; Michigan Certification Dropped |Beyond The Noise

Who is Sidney Powell? Who is L Lin Wood? Why are they key figures in Trump’s legal journey? One is a prominent appeal court attorney, another loves to take the fight to media corps. They are going to be the powerhouse in Trump’s legal team. In this video you will learn about their past and how it will make them a key in Trump’s legal fight.

Guliani said during a press conference today that the legal team is gathering more evidence and there may potentially be more states that are being exposed for voter fraud. Sidney Powell again expressed her concerns with Smartmatics and Dominion, and the legal team says this is just the opening chapter of the legal process.

David Zhang talks with internet server expert Arthur Rosenfield in an exclusive interview, and talk about voting security and potential voter fraud.

All that and more in today’s video.

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