#WeCaught’em: Powell Says Digital Election Ste_l = 1775 For Our Republic!

11/19/2020: Today, Gulliani, Powell & Ellis exposed Epic Election Ste_ling evidence that will bring down international Cab_ls, the C_A, Domini_n & Smart M_tic executives and a corrupt political machine who participated in mass Election ste_ling and Fra_d…

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Get to Atlanta GA and fight for the Rep_blic:

The Full Press Conference with Gulliani, Powell and Ellis:

Simon Parkes detailing events with SCYTL:

BREAKING: Trump Wins with 324-410 Electoral Ballots – UPDATES

Bain Capital, Smart Mat_c and Biden:

Sidney Powell cites substantial ‘evidence’ on Dominion Voting, Venezuela ties

The Gateway Pundit covering up to date on the Election Ste_ling:

American Intelligence media on the Ste_l:

Data Scientists Expose Algorithm Used to Steal Trump Votes in Michigan’s GOP Precincts


ES&S in SC, TP$ and Buell:

Krebbs hosted Election Watch party with Dominion Executives:

Lord Mallach Brown, Queen’s Privy Council, Soros, Smart M_tic:
The Deep State is Really Deep: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, The Soros Open Society Foundation co-founder and board Member, owns Smartmatic (Dominion Voting Systems)

President Trumps EO on Foreign Election Interference, executed 9/12/18, months before States spent $TP millions to certify Dominion, Smart Mat_ic, ES&S:

Mike Adams details the nano-tech and deep freeze with the Unicorn V A X:

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Archbishop Vigano’s Open Letter to President Trump warning of a Worldwide Medical Tyranny:

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