Trump Data Director Joins ‘Deep Dive’ Voter Fraud Effort

Trump Data Director Joins ‘Deep Dive’ Voter Fraud Effort

Tyler Durden

Fri, 11/06/2020 – 16:56

Update 1655ET: Trump data director Witold Chrabaszcz is joining Braynard’s effort, according to an update on his GoFundMe page (the funds from which – now up to $217,000 – are still apparently being held hostage by GoFundMe).

Prior to joining the Trump campaign, Chrabaszcz worked as a strategist for the Republican National Committee for more than a decade.

In an earlier update, Braynard said he now has a contract with a data vendor for the early voting and absentee voter data for all seven target states at a cost of $60,000. He’s trying to get a ‘big donor to float/cover until GoFundMe releases the funds.”

He will also likely be able to run NCOA / SSDI data at a “*very good price*”

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GOP political analyst and former Trump Data Chief Matt Braynard believes he can detect voter fraud by comparing absentee ballots and early voters to the Social Security Death Index and the National Change of Address Database.

Braynard – former analyst for pollster Frank Luntz – is the president of Braynard Group, which provides services for voter targeting, polling and fundraising.

In order to accomplish this, Braynard will need up to $100,000 to purchase databases from data vendors. In a Thursday Twitter thread, he outlined his plan to audit the election in key states and launched a GoFundMe page which is currently under review (“Getting nuked still a possibility,” he says).

After $100K was quickly raised, however, Braynard bumped the goal to to $250,000, with which he will establish “call centers that will run down any and all inactive/less active or moved voters who were marked as casting ballots,” adding “We’ll then get any who said they didn’t cast a ballot to sign an affidavits, and it all goes to law enforcement and the media.”

Unfortunately, GoFundMe is currently holding the money hostage.

As of this writing, Braynard’s GoFundMe is up to just under $170,000. And in a Friday update, he says he’s been in touch with the Trump campaign (“but nothing more to say on that now”), has vendors lined up for Social Security and the Change of Address data, and is “Tracking down source data on Early Voters/ABS [absentee ballots]

Update: GoFundMe is still holding the money hostage:

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Author: Tyler Durden

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Liberty Voter
1 year ago

My donation was returned and apparently that happened to other people too. The fund raiser is gone. What happened?