#Watermark TRUMP DHS Encrypted EVERY Ballot- Arrests Imminent

11/5/2020: BREAKING- Sting Operation- All ballots were encrypted with Cyber Command’s QFS Encryption Code…

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Groundbreaking Claim! Trump Set Up Democrats In Sophisticated Sting Operation – Caught Stealing Election Red-Handed

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19 thoughts on “#Watermark TRUMP DHS Encrypted EVERY Ballot- Arrests Imminent”

  1. Ballots are printed and issued by each of the 50 states. Neither the DHS, nor any other federal agency issues ballots. How did the DHS secretly mark ballots that they never had access to? Idiots.

  2. Of course I hope that this is true. I saw the earlier BCP video where he met the idea with skepticism and then later confirmed that this is actually the case. The tough part is waiting and searching for any hint at all that continues to confirm this. As always we need action. We Trump supporters have endured 4 years of hearing that there is ample reason to celebrate the JUSTICE that is always in reach but never comes. So now we have the watermark. I saw the Rudy Giuliani press conference today where he outlines the upcoming law suits to begin on Monday. No mention of a watermark. If this is a sting then let’s go. Let it sting.

    1. I wish this was true, but each State is responsible to print their own ballots and they use many different independent printers so it would of been impossible for them to get the watermarks to each and every printer in each and every State. I don’t think this is true or this would be very cut and dry but it’s not

      1. The paper is the key, not the printing. So who controls the paper? But good counterfeiters duplicate watermarks all the time. SO?

  3. I keep reading all this stuff but never hear about it on the news only throughout the internet. I am getting discouraged. Who is going to connect the dots.

    1. You won’t see it on the news just yet. There is definitely something going down. His last statement pretty much confirmed it.

  4. First of all, I hope this is true! Second, I keep reading that Trump needs to suck it up and admit defeat because of the numbers. If we had done that in 2000, Al Gore would have been president. It took 36 days to fix that train wreck.

    1. You may not have known this but Kamala Harris’s husband is a Bolshevik probably Bernie Sanders uncle or cousin anyway Maya Harris worked for John podesta and Cosmic Pizza who paid for Kamala Harris’s education in college Washington DC sorority who paid for that I thought she was poor did you know the pelosi owns the vote counter the computer that they use to count the votes is owned by Nancy pelosi