#ChangeMyVote : Hyden Crime Family Exposed! #AutumnHope

10/27/20: While Keith Raniere gets 120 yrs. in prison, We, the People, learn we can change our votes if they were sent by mail! As the Hyden Family Crime Syndicate is exposed this is crucial for Americans to know! Meanwhile, Operation Autumn Hope saves 45 children in Ohio!!

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Project Veritas reveals new Voter Fraud evidence from Texas:

NC Gov Cooper colluded to take blood samples of 50K RNC Convention Attendees:

Chinese Communist and Close Democrat Ally Advised NC Governor to Extract Blood From RNC Attendees

Ashl_y B_den’s diary:

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child

Shut Down DC dot org plans to disrupt Washington on Election Day:

Bishop Larry Gaiters on Crowdsource the Truth exposes the Hyden Crime Cartel:

Emails reveal to FOX news, multiple Dem Primary candidates, Harris, Klobuchar, etc., were in B_den’s Pay for Play China energy deals:

Toobin masturbation during zoom call on election war gaming should concern us all:

Reversal of Truth and Reconciliation to be used against humanity:

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