Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video

Hawaii residents left scratching their heads after UFO sighting gets explained away by MSM as rocket booster

A massive unidentified flying object was captured on film early Monday morning by onlookers from several islands.

The massive UFO appeared to be one large object and was flying at a rather slow rate of speed across the nighttime sky at around 3:28 a.m. Hawaii time.

Twitter user @haynlemon Tweeted: “Yoooo just experienced to most craziest shit ever lol YOU BE THE JUDGE.”

Of course, the media explained away the sighting as a rocket booster.

Maui Now reports:

John O’Meara Chief Scientist, W.M. Keck Observatory says he believes the lights were from an old rocket booster that launched a Venezuelan communications satellite into space in China in 2008. Very few other locations would have had the vantage to see the event, making Hawaiʻi viewers and those on Maui in particular, very lucky to have caught the visual on Saturday night.

You be the judge. Rocket booster or UFO?

H/T: @Alex_in_Maui on Twitter

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4 thoughts on “Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video”

  1. Dennis G. again, that’s So the lights were flying like a space craft, It could not be a rocket launcher that would move in a straight line and be much smaller, this was huge. It came up and made a left turn in the sky above me, it then made a another turn to the right and then moved upward, it was being controlled or driven, it was making turns, this was not some static orbit like a rocket launcher. Also the lights had different brightness, the one leading it was brightest like a cockpit or lead light, a rocket launcher would have all lights the same it seems. It could not be a space link that has thin slices of light for miles or a meteor, this was driving laterally moving rather slowly and evenly.It could only be an alien craft. Any comments are welcome at my email here, especially the man who thinks it was a rocket launcher.
    Aloha, Dennis

  2. 4 of us saw something very similar on Saturday Oct 24, 2020 at around 10:10 pm. The description by John O’Meara doesn’t seem congruent with what we saw. There was no indication that this was a large object, just bunch of glowing star like objects moving in formation. We saw it in Waikoloa Village and it seemed to be above the Mauna Lani development and it went over our house toward Mauna Kea.

    1. Mike, I saw it coming up from the airport, I live 2 miles up from the airport, t came right up, turned and cruised close, it was huge. my emal I I’d like to hear what you saw and send you my description. A UFO hw exciting. Too big and not shaped like some kind of rocket launcher. I write a column in West Hawaii.