#BATMAN: Trump Immune FV, Global Health Surveillance #WeDoNotConsent

10/12: Call 202-514-3847 Civil Rights office in DOJ for declas for Informed Voting! Meanwhile, On Columbus day, Space is no Limit, but, Global_st Forces want humanity locked down in a Medical Surveillance sub-reality…

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President Trump’s Rally in Sanford, FL:

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Please follow @ali Ali Alexander exposing the evidence of B_den’s illness:

The WSJ outlines that Global TP $ Funding Must Predict the next P_ndemic:

The Wellcome Trust:

Wellcome Tr_st is also these people:

Wellcome Leap

EcoHealth Alliance:

Ecohealth Alliance

Global Virome Project:

Moderna Mrna V A X produced in Switzerland:

Amy CB opening remarks:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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