Who’s Still in and Who’s out of Nxivm Part 3 – More DOS Slaves and SOP Soy-Cucks

In our last two posts of this series, we have explored who is still in Nxivm.

We listed members who are dancers known as The Forgotten Ones, who now dance weekly in front of the MDC prison where Keith Alan Raniere is being held.

And we explored the First Line Masters of DOS who remain loyal to their Vanguard.

The Inner Circle – Who’s Still in and Who’s out of Nxivm: Part 1 — The Dancers Led By Nicki Clyne

Who’s Still In and Who’s Out of Nxivm: Part 2: The First Line Slave Masters

So counting the illustrious leader of Nxivm, Keith Alan Raniere, we have so far listed the following members in our first two posts.

  1. Keith Alan Raniere
  2. Loreta Garza
  3. Daniela Padilla
  4. Monica Duran
  5. Nicki Clyne
  6. Eduardo Asonsolo
  7. Suneel Chakravarty
  8. Marc Elliot,
  9. Danielle Roberts
  10. Linda Chung
  11. Michele Hatchette
  12. Samantha LeBaron
  13. Justin Elliot

In this post, we will identify seven more members.

Some of you might be wondering how it is that, despite all the publicity, including the shocking details revealed at Keith Raniere’s trial, Nxivm members are still deeply involved.  First of all, Nxivm members have been trained for years not to trust the media, They were taught it is false.  They are also taught that the criminal justice system is corrupt. They are not alone in these twin beliefs.

This is why there are still so many Nxivm leaders in the group, some of them, very likely, assuring others that Keith has been wrongfully accused and will be freed on appeal when the time is right.

Some of these are Allison Mack’s friends. Allison, as we revealed in a previous post, may be on the fence about leaving Nxivm.

Is Allison Mack Still Communicating with Nxivm and in Love with Raniere?

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

There are still members deeply immersed in the cult. They are the nucleus of a resurgent Nxivm.

There are no doubt members who are on the fence, perhaps like Allison, and speak to both sides – those still deeply in Nxivm and those definitely out.  This is natural. These people were friends for years and took classes together and shared each other’s lives.

They know who everyone is talking to and some know, or say they know, that Allison is talking covertly to at least one Nxivm leader, a leader connected to Jness.

Before revealing more names of those still in Nxivm, I will take a moment to try to describe how some of them feel, based on various sources I have recently spoken to.

Sarah Edmondson became a whistleblower, the first DOS victim to tell her story to the world.

The current Nxivm members blame the women – like Nicole, Jaye, Sylvie, Sarah Edmondson and even Lauren Salzman, who testified against Raniere at his trial. They blame the women who joined DOS seeking to become badass – for getting innocent Keith in trouble.

MK10ART’s Sketch of Raniere


They believe that Keith was trying to help the DOS women and used his genius to create a series of unusual trainings and protocols, including the collecting of collateral [blackmail-worthy material] and branding women on their pubic region to help women grow and become “badass.”

Even keeping secret his rulership of DOS, a sorority led, ironically, by a man, was for their own good. It was to get them started in the training of DOS, first thinking it was all-female – then later letting the fit ones know he was their worshipful master that ruled them all. That was a technique meant to help them.

They believe that the collateral, which the pure and kindly Keith would have never have released – unless, of course, again, it was to help the women become badass – was collected only to bring discipline and make women badass. To give them something to risk to gain the precious, priceless knowledge that only the world’s smartest man could teach – so they could become badass.

There is no way that lowly, worldly people like those in the criminal justice system, or the media, could ever understand what Keith Raniere was doing for these women.  So they destroyed him. And Nxivm members blame the women he tried to help become badass, who eschewed before him the notion of being a victim – in favor of becoming badass – and then, these adult women did the opposite of being badass, they went out and cried victim, as in “we are weak little victims.”

In short, they were the opposite of badass, which I imagine is goodass.

Yet through it all, Keith was a noble man who, like Christ, must suffer for the weakness of those he tried to help.

DOS Slaves

At least four more DOS slaves – Angelica Hinojos, Leah Motishaw, Lyvia Cohen, and Sahajo Haertel – appear to be in Nxivm still. They have ‘liked’ the Forgotten Ones social media posts and one would not do that if one were not still in Nxivm.

DOS slave Lyvia Cohen


Angelica Hinojos


Leah Motishaw

Sahajo Haertel

SOP Members

Others who have ‘liked’ the social media of the Forgotten Ones include some of the Society of Protectors, a men’s group that regarded Keith Raniere as their “Alpha Dog.” and they his soyboy pups or cuck boys. So devoted were they to their imperial master that it is believed that any of them would have surrendered their own wives for their master’s glorious concupiscent pleasures.

The Society of Protectors is a men’s group that teaches men to be polygamous and to ejaculate on a woman in order to establish ownership of that woman. One of the teaching tools is Raniere on a video telling men how ejaculating on a woman on her face indicates the woman has accepted the man.


SOP High Councilor James Del Negro


SOP leader Damon Brink is still in but his wife reportedly is completely out,
The FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter

Brett Diamond [no photo available]


Brandon Porter’s wife, Jane Jeffries. Is she also still a member of Nxivm?


Farouk Rojas, an SOP leader

It is not clear, as of this writing, but it may be possible that Farouk has recruited a young woman into Nxivm, a one Bruna Periera and possibly others.

Ripe for Nxivm? Bruna Pereira

Bruna Pereira is a Portuguese teenager, who lives in Switzerland with her parents, who work as servants for a wealthy family there.

Suddenly, Bruna became obsessed with Nxivm and declared that I was an evil person. Bruna’s parents seem to be unaware of her work studying Nxivm, but it is known that she is on a private chat group with Farouk Rojas. She also secretly and most likely illegally records people on phone conversations, which is an old Nxivm trick. If she calls you, be aware that you are being recorded.

Is Bruna Pereira a secret member of Nxivm? She denies it. But so do many Nxivm members. [More on her in a separate post.]

Whether Bruna Pereira is secretly a Nxivm member or not is something that is fascinating in and of itself. It shows that these Nxivm people might still be recruiting. In a future post, I will explore Farouk and his work apparently either texting or assuming the online identity of a 14-year-old girl.

The point is this is still a dangerous cult and far from dead.

Let us look at the members we have positively identified so far:

  1. Keith Alan Raniere
  2. Loreta Garza
  3. Daniela Padilla
  4. Monica Duran
  5. Nicki Clyne
  6. Eduardo Asonsolo
  7. Suneel Chakravarty
  8. Marc Elliot,
  9. Danielle Roberts
  10. Linda Chung
  11. Michele Hatchette
  12. Samantha LeBaron
  13. Justin Elliot
  14. Lyvia Cohen
  15. Angelica Hinjos
  16. Leah Motishaw
  17. Sahajo Haertel
  18. James Del Negro
  19. Damon Brink
  20. Brett Diamond
  21. Farouk Rojas

In addition to this list of 21, we have a number of others to consider. We are not half done yet.

Stay tuned for Part 4.

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Author: Frank Parlato

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11 months ago

“Nxivm members have been trained for years not to trust the media, They were taught it is false. They are also taught that the criminal justice system is corrupt.”
Well? The major news media has been working diligently to convince us of that very fact.
And the criminal just-us system is aptly named. Anyone who is not aware of that has never had interaction with it or is hopelessly naïve.
The state is corrupt because humans are corrupt. The more corrupt are attracted to public service because monopolies are inherently corrupt. Government is inherently monopolistic over a territorial jurisdiction.