US Congressman: Having Better Quality Allies is the Greatest Advantage Over the CCP

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Congressman Michael Gallagher is a member of the bipartisan committee China Task Force which oversees congressional strategy on China and develops legislative policies to curtail Chinese influence. On Monday, June 8, he indicated that having better quality allies is the biggest advantage the United States has against the Chinese Communist Party.

Mike Gallagher said: “The core of competition will come down between the U.S. and China who has better quality friends. We start from an enormous advantage in that area. China doesn’t want friends, it wants vassals, states, and abuses other countries as barbarians to be handled.”

He believes that the CCP is the greatest threat to the U.S. in all time, involving areas such as the economy, national security, and politics. In the present U.S.-China competition, the U.S. takes the slowest and weakest response in the area of ideology.

Gallagher further explained: “There is a naive temptation to believe that the conflicts in the U.S.-China relationships are just the product of the Trump administration’s more hawkish approach. Part of it is related to how we underestimate the way in which Xi and the CCP look at this ideological lens.”

Gallagher believes that the nature of the CCP has not changed for decades and what worries him the most is the united front infiltration used by the CCP to divide the international community. Being a friend member of the Australia Parliament, he recently publicly condemned the CCP for using economic intimidation to retaliate against Australia’s call for an independent investigation into the origin of the CCP virus.

Gallagher reiterated: “[The] Wolf Warrior Diplomacy we talked about before is now something of a truism which expresses the way in which they are trying to drive wedges throughout the free world, but I think it’s actually uniting the free world, at least the Five Eyes.”

Last Friday, June 5, congressmen and politicians from eight democratic countries, including the U.S., formed the “Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China”. Gallagher believes that the current CCP virus pandemic and the Hong Kong situation have awakened many countries to form a joint effort to contain the Chinese Communist Party.

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