#TrumpPhrmaDragnet: WEF, PlanWHOd_mic, Indict, N W O Takedown #FREEHUMANITY

5/20: Today we see a possible sealed indictment of F_uci. The World Econ_mic Forum plan to use a fake p_ndemic to bring in world government and the largest decrease of human births in USA since 1985…

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David Zublick reports information from journalist, Judy Byington, a possible sealed indictment of F_uci:

Please watch the video on World Economic Forum’s Covid Action Platform:
Celeste Solum, DHS/FEMA whistleblower: Please Subscribe!

George Webb on Moncef Slaoui, V A X Czar, globalist:

International Tribunal For Natural Justice (ITNJ): debunking the existence of the pand_mic and showing the bio-weaponizing of Crown virus:

Jason Goodman with Alan Dersh, who says he will push mandatory V A X before SCOTUS and pushes his free book to "survive" #metoo accusations:

Corbett Report on Gates’ Crimes against Humanity: Subscribe!

These two videos by CA P_rsa describe China, micro-biotic t-ism and the AI Hunt on humanity by the globalists– subscribe to his YT channel!

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