Greek Brothels To Reopen But Hookers And Clients Required To Wear Masks And Gloves

Greek Brothels To Reopen But Hookers And Clients Required To Wear Masks And Gloves

In Greece the discussion about “essential businesses” appears to have gone in a different direction than in the United States. While Americans are bickering over when to reopen malls, restaurants and casinos, Greece has managed to get its “most essential” businesses up – so to speak – and running. By which we of course mean brothels. 

Brothels in Greece – where a global pandemic can’t possibly stop the local men from getting their dose of sex-for-sale – are set to re-open soon, however with a set of new laughably absurd protection measures, on top of the precautions one would already expect when visiting a brothel, according to The Newspaper.

Customers at brothels will be required to wear plastic masks and gloves while having sex, according to the Greek press. And in addition to the robust security already needed in a brothel, the additions of thermometers, disposable sheets and “frequent periodic disinfection” of the business will all be a part of post-coronavirus brothel life (it wasn’t immediately clear how s temperatures of both hookers and clients would be taken).

It does however beg the question: why weren’t disposable sheets and “frequent periodic disinfection” used to begin with?

But, we digress. This is just another example that no matter what the circumstances, sex sells and capitalism adapts. Back in March, we noted that one company had launched a “solution” to the loneliness of quarantine by offering antibacterial sex dolls.

The lesson for the US? If the Greeks are this insistent on going back to work, maybe there’s a win/win scenario: convert all those vacant WeWork offices into brothels and get all those millions of women “seeking arrangements” with wealthy sugar daddies to “work” legally: who knows, it could be the basis for a truly modern “New Deal” aimed at pulling the US out of its current depression.

Tyler Durden

Mon, 05/04/2020 – 02:45

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Author: Tyler Durden