Watch: Dramatic Footage Of Bodies Piled Up In Manhattan Hospital

Watch: Dramatic Footage Of Bodies Piled Up In Manhattan Hospital

As bodies pile up at New York City area hospitals, 45 refrigerated tractor-trailers were dispatched to the city to act as temporary morgues last month. We noted last week that morgues in the city were “nearing capacity” and would be full by the first week of April.

In a matter of weeks, the city has transformed into the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, with 1,714 deaths and 76,049 confirmed cases (as of Wednesday, April 1).

Makeshift morgues line the streets around some area hospitals in Manhattan, are being used to relieve the stress of the hospital system that has been overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

In lower Manhattan, a large tent and tractor-trailers have been installed, which is acting as an overflow for the central morgue.

Tent morgue near Bellevue Hospital

Multiple refrigeration trucks were lined up at the makeshift morgue site along 30th Street and the FDR Drive parkway near Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan (via the Daily Mail)

Last week, a shocking video showed a forklift raising a body into a makeshift morgue outside a Brooklyn hospital.

Now there’s something even more shocking. On par to what we showed readers several months ago with body bags piling up at a Wuhan hospital. This time it’s allegedly happening at Lenox Hill Hospital, a member hospital of Northwell Health, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 

The disturbing video first shows the makeshift morgue outside of the hospital. Then transitions into a building, presumably inside the hospital, with black body bags scattered across several rooms and lining a hallway, suggesting that this hospital could have already hit full capacity. 

And just in case the Twitter police delete the video, here are some screenshots of the video below: 

We noted on Tuesday that US hospital systems had restricted doctors and nurses from sharing their accounts of how hospitals are running out of medical supplies and are being overwhelmed with the fast-spreading virus. 

America’s hospital system is cracking.

Tyler Durden

Thu, 04/02/2020 – 05:35

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