Are USNS Mercy and Comfort Trojan horses housing U.S. military forces for rapid deployment to lockdown Los Angeles and NYC?

(INTELLIHUB) — The USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort are currently docked at two of the largest port cities in the United States, Los Angeles, and New York City ahead of what President Donald Trump has said will be a rough few weeks but could there be another reason the two massive Navy ships are tied to the docks?

Is it possible the Defense Department would utilize and even repurpose several old medical ships to be used as Trojan horses to rapidly deploy troops/forces throughout the city if martial law were to go into full effect?

Are the USNS Mercy and Comfort being used as staging platforms ahead of martial law?

These are all reasonable questions.

Are they not?

At least one person seems to think that the two ships are suspicious at best.

From ABC 13:

An engineer deliberately ran a train off the tracks at high speed near the Port of Los Angeles in an attempt to crash into and damage the USNS Mercy hospital ship, prosecutors say.

The Pacific Harbor Line train derailed Tuesday, running through the end of the track and crashing through barriers, finally coming to rest about 250 yards from the docked naval ship.

Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was “suspicious” and did not believe “the ship is what they say it’s for.’”

The train crashed into a concrete barrier at the end of the track, smashed through a steel barrier and a chain-link fence, slid through one parking lot and then a second lot filled with gravel and hit a second chain-link fence. It came to rest after passing under a ramp leading to the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The train remained in that position Wednesday.

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