Neglected Mother Dog Dumped in Trash Bin Without Her Puppies Gets Rescued

An animal abuse investigation is underway in Detroit, Michigan, after a frail and frightened pit bull mix was found dumped in a garbage can on the street.

A concerned local noticed the dog on March 10, 2020, dumped on top of a heaped garbage bin, emaciated and unable to climb down. The local called the Michigan Humane Society (MHS), which sent out a team of investigators to retrieve the dog and search for the owner responsible.

Опубликовано Michigan Humane Society Вторник, 10 марта 2020 г.

When MHS staff arrived on the scene, they quickly realized that the abandoned dog was lactating, meaning she had recently given birth to puppies. The first responders searched the immediate area for her litter, but to no avail.

“We spent a considerable amount of time out there,” MHS’s Andy Seltz told Click on Detroit, “up to two-and-a-half hours knocking on doors, looking under [the] houses around, and garages.”

The investigators quickly suspected animal cruelty; the dog bore visible marks on her neck, indicating that she had spent considerable time chained up. MHS speculated that she may have been used to breed puppies and was then dumped when she exhausted her usefulness.

Please Share!Our investigators were alerted to this very skinny pup who was found in a garbage can. As you can see in…

Опубликовано Michigan Humane Society Вторник, 10 марта 2020 г.

On the day of the rescue, MHS posted distressing photos of their latest charge on Facebook and appealed for help from their local community.

The staff wrote: “Please share. Our investigators were alerted to this very skinny pup who was found in a garbage can. As you can see in the photos, she is very thin, and sadly we have been unable to locate her puppies. If you recognize this dog or have any information about how she may have ended up in this condition, please call our team at (313) 872-3401.”

The rescuers later reiterated the mother dog had been found in Detroit, around 7 Mile and Southfield, but they noted that her origin “could be anywhere.” Many concerned animal lovers left comments on the MHS’s post lamenting the female dog’s sad situation and commending the first responders for coming to her aid.

Опубликовано Michigan Humane Society Вторник, 10 марта 2020 г.

“Thrown out like yesterday’s trash! What is wrong with people,” one social media user wrote. “I’m sorry someone let you down sweet girl. Better days are ahead with someone who will love you.”

“They most likely took the pups to sell,” another said. “Check for listings; sadly this is what many do to mama dogs who no longer serve a purpose for them. I hope you find who did this.”

“Unspeakable cruelty,” wrote another appalled MHS follower. “Thank you to her rescuers. I don’t know how you emotionally survive things like this on a daily basis.”

Illustration – Shutterstock | J.A. Dunbar

The Michigan Humane Society, Michigan state’s first animal welfare organization, was founded in 1877. It is still the state’s largest organization of its kind, and sadly, its staff are no strangers to heartbreaking breaches of animal welfare.

“When you arrive, initially, that kind of scene breaks your heart,” MHS’s Andy Seltz explained to Click on Detroit, “to see an animal that, you know, quite possibly was once living on somebody’s couch just thrown away and disposed of.”

“We do see a fair share amount of that around the city,” Seltz continued. “For that to happen, just to be used as an item and as a piece of property and disposed of, it’s very heartbreaking.”

Illustration – Shutterstock | Lichtflut

In the case of the female pit bull mix, dumped alone in a street-side garbage bin having so recently given birth to puppies, hers is an ordeal that tugs hard on the heartstrings of the nation. As of mid-March 2020, the investigation into the whereabouts of the mother dog’s puppies and the owner that abandoned her is ongoing.

The owner could face criminal charges for abuse and negligence. “We’re looking at an abandonment charge, and potentially even higher as far as cruelty and neglect,” Seltz told Click on Detroit.

Until then, the mother dog, whose new name has yet to be confirmed, will receive all the love and care she needs. She will be up for adoption as soon as she is healthy and has recovered from being dumped out with the trash. The fervent hope is that this dog will go on to be treated like treasure by the forever family she so sorely deserves.

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Author: Louise Bevan

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