Overly Dramatic Pit Bull Tries to Play Dead to Avoid the Nail Clippers, and the Video Is Hilarious

Dogs aren’t known for their love of manicures. One pit bull found a hilarious way to show her disdain for nail clippers and the terrifying procedure. The pooch pulled an overly dramatic performance, and the video of it became a viral sensation, entertaining the internet.

A video posted in September 2019 on Reddit ended up amusing millions of people from all over the globe due to its hilarity and the over-the-top drama of its main character: a pit bull named Ginger.

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The 56-second clip shows the owner preparing her pooch for the task at hand with a few soothing strokes to her head. Yet, Ginger’s apprehension is palpable when the owner presents the nail clippers and asks for her “hand.” She’s still as a statue.

When at last the owner takes the pup’s paw, she says, “I know you’re scared, but I’m just cutting your nails.” And that’s when Ginger’s dramatic performance begins; when all else fails, playing dead was Ginger’s last resort of getting out of the situation.

The pup’s Oscar-worthy performance is adorable as she lifelessly collapses tummy up.

©Video Screenshot | ©Video Screenshot | Jukin Media

She was probably waiting for her well-deserved round of applause from the audience, but instead ended up getting her paws clipped in total surrender.

Although her extraordinary acting skills didn’t help Ginger escape the planned nail trim, it did bring laughter and joy to people all over the internet. According to NTD, the clip that was posted on Reddit and then reposted several times all over Twitter got around 6 million views.

Video Credit: Jukin Media

One Facebook user declared that “This dog wins the academy award for most dramatic in nail clipping.” While another stated, “That dog could have a career in acting. That is the most dramatic performance ever! I have never seen a dog do that!”

One comment read, “What an awesome dog! She needs to be in the movies!”

Several people described their own experiences and challenges in trimming their dogs’ nails, and many posters advised how to groom your pooch best.

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Author: Lori C. Summers

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