Elon Musk Says “Many Doctors Are Not Treating Patients” Due To Fear Of COVID-19

Elon Musk Says “Many Doctors Are Not Treating Patients” Due To Fear Of COVID-19

Elon Musk continues to find new ways to humiliate himself as the coronavirus that he once labeled as “dumb” makes its way around the globe. This weekend’s embarassment du jour was Musk coming out and publicly making the assertion on Twitter that many doctors are afraid of the virus and are unwilling to treat patients for it as a result.

Musk make the off-color snub about healthcare providers in a Tweet thread about how quarantines would result in an inordinate number of toothaches going untreated across the country.

“…many doctors are not treating patients, due to fear of giving or receiving C19,” Musk Tweeted.

Musk’s assertions were met with outrage by social media:

Meanwhile, Musk, who recently engaged in a fight with Alameda County officials about keeping his Fremont factory open during the midst of the outbreak, might be to blame as the first several coronavirus cases at both Tesla and SpaceX have turned up.

“Two Tesla employees have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to an email sent to employees Thursday morning,” BuzzFeed reported late last week. 

Additionally, the LA Times has reported that at least 12 SpaceX employees have been sent home to quarantine after two confirmed cases of the coronavirus were reported at the company’s Hawthorne factory. 

Meanwhile, Musk had also recently Tweeted that kids were “essentially immune” to the virus…

…despite the fact that there have been numerous reports of teenagers “fighting for their lives” on ventilators and passing away from the virus (source and source).

For a cumulative account of all of Musk’s outrageous comments about coronavirus where you can watch them blow up in Musk’s face in real-time, Twitter user @EVdefender has made, and continues to update, this chart documenting some of Musk’s most egregious assertions. 

He also asks a key question: while other accounts, including recently Rudy Giuliani’s, have been suspended for “misinformation” surrounding the virus, why is Elon Musk still allowed to Tweet?

Tyler Durden

Sun, 03/29/2020 – 15:10

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Author: Tyler Durden

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