Armed Group Chops Down Tree in Maine, Blocks Driveway to Force Neighbor to Self-Quarantine

Armed vigilantes allegedly chopped down a tree and blocked the driveway of a Maine resident to force him to self-quarantine over fears that he might be infected with the CCP virus, said police.

A homeowner residing on Cripple Creek Road in Vinalhaven, a Maine island, called officials at 3:35 p.m. local time on Friday to report a group of people with guns who had cut down a tree and placed it in front of his driveway, officials said.

The man, who was not identified, went to check on his property after the cable went out before noticing the incident. He called the Coast Guard using a radio after a neighbor allegedly yelled at him to stay indoors and remain quarantined, authorities added.

The Epoch Times refers to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup and mismanagement allowed the virus to spread throughout China before it was transmitted worldwide.

“Deputies have learned that there is a general belief by some island residents that the Cripple Creek Residents are supposed to be quarantined because they came here from another state and could have COVID-19,” the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in Maine wrote on Facebook.

“Whether someone is a Maine resident or not, they have the right to free movement and anyone who infringes upon that free movement is potentially violating the law,” the sheriff’s office added.

The group dispersed before sheriff’s officials arrived on the scene. The Maine Marine Patrol and a Coast Guard boarding party also responded.

The man and his two roommates were living in Vinalhaven for about a month before arriving from another state. Some towns in Maine have asked seasonal residents and travelers to self-quarantine, reported the Portland Press Herald.

“If you are concerned about someone potentially being infected or not following the emergency rules or recommendations, please contact us,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “We want everyone to be informed about COVID-19 and the rules around it. We also want everyone to be safe and not overreact in this time of uncertainty as it could end poorly.”

Rep. Genevieve McDonald (D-Maine.) wrote on Facebook page that the victims were targeted because they came from another state.

“There are two guys from [New Jersey], on Vinalhaven who have been renting a house since September while working on a construction job,” she wrote Saturday. “They went to the mainland and were targeted because of their license plate when they arrived back on Vinalhaven.”

“There were some words between them and some locals and the conversation apparently didn’t go very well,” she continued. “I did hear the guys from [New Jersey] were fairly arrogant in their response. A group of local vigilantes decided to take matters into their own hands and barricaded these guys into their rental property.”

The incident is under investigation. Anyone with information should contact Lt. Reggie Walker at 207-594-0429 ext. 720.

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Author: Jack Phillips

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