Young Chinese Lead Apology Movement


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As the Chinese Communist Party continues to intensify its disinformation war—suggesting that the CCP virus originated in the United States—several young overseas Chinese have decided to openly declare their standpoint in apologies posted online.


I am pigsty purification. I want to say sorry for America. Sorry for bringing the Chinese Virus to the U.S.. Sorry for being silent about what the CCP has done to conceal the truth and benefit the dissemination of the Wuhan Virus. Sorry for selfish buying in bulk. Sorry for spreading misinformation via WeChat, saying the American army brought the virus to Wuhan. It’s wrong.

Sorry for any inconvenience of the virus. I also feel sorry for Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, and other Asians who are wrongly recognized and treated as Chinese. I am a Chinese. I am responsible for all bad things that Chinese and the government have done. Like Germans still say sorry to Jewish people for the genocide. Now the virus is killing more than that genocide. The biggest fault is to allow the CCP to lie and then we don’t stand out to oppose it. It is our fault.

I know that Chinese Exclusion is happening. It is inescapable. I fully understand the hatred towards Chinese. Essentially, If my family and I are innocent to get involved with this virus, because of the evil regime. And meanwhile, I see many Chineses dare support that regime. I would hate Chinese more than others. As a Chinese, I think our race group should not step back from the duty and just saying that Chinese people are not the CCP members.

I know a lot of Chinese living in America, having Green Cards and espousing the Chinese government. They are vested interests.

We should say sorry for every innocent person who is influenced by the Chinese virus. I think the Chinese government should pay the cost, and pay the huge amount of compensation to Americans.

I hereby launch a movement #saysrytoAmerica.


In the name of Lord Jesus. I sincerely apologize to pneumonia victims infected by Chinese Virus.

I was born in China and am doing research work in the United States.I’m speaking from a human standpoint that China regime and Chinese people are guilty for surge of the pandemic.

I urge all Chinese whose consciences are unveiled to stand up and apologize for our silence, our arrogance and our deceptions.I urge all Chinese whose consciences are unveiled to confess our sins in the light of God and abandon communism mindset. Communism propaganda exists everywhere in Chinese society.

A number of Chinese people either tempted by Chinese Communist Party with economic interests or threatened by CCP with arbitrary detention. Communism mindset is a trade with devil, trading the truth conscience to get money and temporary safety. We have many concerns of our personal benefits.

However, the surge of pandemic has proved that the truth should be considered with the highest priority. Our silence tolerates Chinese Communism Party to arrest Dr. Li Wenliang. Our silence tolerates Chinese Communism Party to be bribe the world health organization. Our silence tolerates Chinese Communism Party to cheat the world.

As a Chinese, though we are necessarily the party member, we can not evade the guilt. We see the truth as if we never seen. We heard the truth as if we never heard. We keep silence as if we never knew the deception. I confess in the name of Lord Jesus. I’m sorry.


As coronavirus outbreak is hitting all over the world, thousands of people have died of that, thousands more get infected every day. At the initial stage of the virus outbreak, what the Chinese government did was trying to hide the truth from the public. It took disciplinary actions to all the whistleblowers, including doctor Li Wenliang, who tried to convey the genuine message to other people.

This virus originates from China. There is no doubt of it.

As a Chinese, I feel sorry (that) we have such an evil communist regime who didn’t take people’s lives seriously.

As Chinese, we are sorry we let this evil regime live for 70 years. Because we have this regime, not only w

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Author: Olivia Li

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