Long Lines in a Wuhan Cemetery


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Date: Between March 22 and March 25
Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

How many Wuhan residents have died from the CCP virus?

Biandan Mountain Cemetery is a relatively well-known cemetery in Wuhan—the epicenter of the global pandemic caused by the CCP virus or novel coronavirus. It was recently reopened on March 22nd after months of closure due to the outbreak.

A large number of people waited in line in order to secure a final resting place/ for their family members.

Text on the video:
After waiting in line for three hours, they told me to go back home as they have exceeded today’s quota. How disorganized this cemetery is!

According to the website of Wuhan’s Civil Affairs Bureau, there are a total of 16 cemeteries in the city.

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Author: Olivia Li

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