Man and Child Are Forced Into Isolation Because of the Health Code


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The Chinese regime recently adopted a digital system to decide whether a citizen can go out or be quarantined forcibly. At security checkpoints, officers scan a QR code that is installed onto smartphones. With a scan of the cell phone, authorities know the cell phone user’s travel history and health data. A green QR code means you are allowed to travel freely. A yellow one means you must be quarantined for 7 days, while a red one means a mandatory 14 day-quarantine.

A man from Hubei, the epicenter of China’s outbreak, tried to return to his workplace in the city of Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. His QR code indicates that he is not allowed to travel freely. Thus, he and his child must go to a local quarantine center. The worker protested that the system was too draconian.

Boy: I want to go out! I want to go out! I want to go out!

Man: There are two things I could not understand.
I want to ask the Yuecheng District government.

Why is Hubei’s Health Code not accepted by your government?
Everywhere else in the nation accepts the Hubei Health Code.
Why is the Yuecheng District not accepting it?

For all of us who came here together.
Why are those with the green code considered healthy, but others with the red code regarded as not healthy, and must be isolated?
While those with the green code can go?
If the red code is considered not healthy, but people with the red code and green code have closely interacted, shouldn’t those with the green code also be considered unsafe?
Why do you rely on the Shaoxing [Health] Code, but not do a nucleic acid test?
The nucleic acid test is scientific.
Why do you only accept the Shaoxing [Health] Code?
The Shaoxing [Health] Code can only be a rough reference.
Why does the Shaoxing District only accept the Shaoxing [Health] Code
but nothing else?
People of the red and green code have interacted.
Some of them even stayed in the same room.
Those with the red code are considered to be unsafe.
Others with green code were released right away.
What if, they come together, they have interacted closely.
What if those with the green code become sick after being released

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Author: Mary Hong

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