Jon Podesta describes Pizzagate in 2017

Jon Podesta describes Pizzagate in an uncanny way.
Jon Podesta: "Yeah, you know it’s interesting, because it’s subterranean in large part. It shows up in the Facebook newsfeed, but you don’t see it, because it’s not…If anything, it’s being debunked in the mainstream media.

So in those sources of news…it’s…you don’t, touch it and feel it as much, as you might imagine.

But it’s sinister. It’s a kind of vile stream that’s running under the ground, that, um, begins to really I think, you know, have it’s effect, take it’s toll. And obviously the worst conspiracy, where it culminated in the so-called, "Comet Pizza" episode, uh, in which, a guy, uh, which I know, who cooked, who volunteered at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, who runs a pizzeria, an upscale pizzeria in Washington D.C. was accused, along with myself, my brother and others of running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor. Mainstream media, like, debunked that instantly. But you can’t…

John Heilemann: I still have some questions about that by the way.

Jon Podesta: But you can’t get, you can’t pull that back. And that ended up with a guy from North Carolina if I remember right, you know, getting a gun, driving to Washington, to do a self-investigation, of what was going on in the basement of the pizzeria. I don’t think the pizzeria had a basement by the way. Uh, and firing his weapon. You know, so for the employees there, for James Alefantis who was the proprietor, people in the community, this is a horrifying episode. But it’s very hard to pull this stuff back.

Feb 20, 2017
The Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton joined John Heilemann.

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