Tom Hanks Pizzagate discussion with Patton Oswald and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Tom Hanks gives his detailed thoughts on humanity and pizzagate, with complexity, nuance and elements of soft disclosure.
Tom Hanks: "A personal individual bent, that is different as there are people in the world…Do you look to all this for enlightenment, to help you understand things you do not understand, or do you look for it as confirmation of that which you already believe and accept as to be true?

Because I, you know like there was that despicable aspect of Pizzagate, you know, the pizza parlor in suburban Washington, and I am sure that there were tweets that came out that said, "this is nonsense, this guy is selling pizzas".

Patton Oswald, "Yeah".

Tom Hanks: "But I don’t recall any of those being brought to the forefront, or nearly as nearly prompting of action as were the absolute false ones that went out. This is…it comes down to we are goofy, imperfect, ungovernable species, uh, we are unpredictable, and we seem to ah, ah, (clears throat)

We are attracted to various different sort of flames, like moths. Is that flame something that enlightens the cave, or is it a flame that burns the house down? And uh, in that case, it’s just, it’s as individual as our own DNA and our own fingerprints. How you take to the entire great, the great technological world, is really bent on what our own motivations are.

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Author: Connecting The Dots