Senate Dems Question Trump’s Response To Virus: “Very Grave Threat To The World”

Senate Dems Question Trump’s Response To Virus: “Very Grave Threat To The World”

In what will likely come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has been capable of fogging a mirror for the last few years, Senate Democrats have decided to write a sternly-worded email to the Trump administration questioning their response to the Covid-19 outbreak, demanding they increase spending immediately.

26 Democrats including Patty Murray, ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, Minority Leader Charles Schumer, and Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar signed the letter claiming Alex Azar (secretary of the Health and Human Services Department) and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney are skimping on efforts to contain the coronavirus and should immediately request additional funds.

“We remain deeply concerned,” the Senators begin, “that the virus is not only a serious emergency for China, but a very grave threat for the rest of the world.”

And while they “appreciate” the efforts underway, the Democrats question the resources allocated and claim that “pulling funds from other critical  programs with HHS is not the solution,” preferring instead that big government gets bigger and an additional supplemental budget be requested to cover the escalating costs of travel screening, isolation and quarantine, staffing, and equipment for the response.

Officials from the agencies involved have told Congress they have enough money to handle the crisis, and haven’t made a supplemental funding request.

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Full letter below:

Will the President be impeached for not demanding more money to fund a fearmongering national quarantine against Covid-19?

Or, as Jim Kunstler recently noted, is there an ulterior motive for Democrats to make more of this than it already is?

What if the Corona virus turns out to be a genuine pandemic with legs, not some punk-ass, flash-in-the-pan bug like SARS… and infects hundreds of millions around the world…? And what if it happens to go logarithmic in the USA, as in China now…? And what if takes a few months, or half a year, to do that…? And what if Americans will not get on airplanes when that happens…? Or gather together in large numbers…? Or if government imposes quarantines …?

Will the parties hold their nominating conventions? Might the November election have to be postponed?

Might that be the Democrats’ easiest route to not losing in November?

Tyler Durden

Sat, 02/15/2020 – 21:00

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Author: Tyler Durden