Healthy Chinese being snatched off streets, taken to quarantine death camps for not wearing masks

Healthy Chinese citizens are being taken to secret detention camps against their will

CHINA (INTELLIHUB) — Healthy Chinese citizens are being snatched and grabbed from the streets for not wearing masks even if they cannot afford one.

One such incident was captured on video and posted to Twitter.

The video shows a van full of police pull up to a perfectly healthy-looking man and detain him.

The man was likely taken to a quarantine center where he may then potentially contract the deadly virus or some sort of unknown death camp.

All we know is that the sky in the city of Wuhan is full of a ‘death smog’ from so many burning copses, as the Daily Star reports.

From the Daily Star:

The strange videos have sparked concerns the fog is actually smoke from crematoriums burning coronavirus infected bodies “24 hours a day”.

Several Chinese nationals have shared their concern to social media suggesting the death toll could be “unthinkably higher” than reports if incinerators are running all day.

Does it make you wonder if this is coming to America soon?

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Author: Lexi Morgan

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