Spillover Chaos: Homicides Jump 52% In Baltimore County Amid Murder Crisis In Baltimore City

Spillover Chaos: Homicides Jump 52% In Baltimore County Amid Murder Crisis In Baltimore City

As a reminder to our readers, Baltimore City and Baltimore County are entirely two separate entities. With that being said, the implosion of Baltimore City, something we’ve been carefully documenting for at least five years, is now spilling over into the surrounding county. 

A new report from The Baltimore Sun details the transmission of violent crime from city to county, indicating that county murders are up 52% in the first ten months of 2019. 

Though 38 homicides in the county through Oct. 22, compared with 25 during the same period in 2018, doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the near 300 in the city, this disturbing trend highlights how imploding Baltimore City is becoming widespread. 

As shown in the murder map below, homicides in the city are expanding outwards, now starting to spill over into the county. This means the containment of violent crime by local officials is absolutely failing. 

In eastern Baltimore County’s Dundalk and Essex regions, 16 people have been killed by gun violence this year, and ten so far in western Baltimore County’s Wilkins and Woodlawn districts. 

Clueless county and police department officials couldn’t offer a responsible explanation for the eruption of murders.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. told The Baltimore Sun in an emailed statement that “the root causes of violence are complex, and there is no single solution.”

Residents held a crime walk in various parts of the county earlier this week to address the rising trend of homicides in their neighborhoods. 

“Baltimore Highlands, Lansdowne is to me, I think, just as good as a community as any in Baltimore County, and we’d just like to keep it that way,” said Moses Rodriguez, with the Baltimore Highlands Community Association.

The implosion of the city is now spreading outwards into the county. This means the situation in the city isn’t contained. City, county, and state officials are disappointing the citizens who voted them into office.


Tyler Durden

Thu, 11/07/2019 – 16:45


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