Liz Warren Offers To Meet Bill Gates, Explain “Exactly How Much He’d Pay” Under Her Wealth Tax

Liz Warren Offers To Meet Bill Gates, Explain “Exactly How Much He’d Pay” Under Her Wealth Tax

Just like matter and anti-matter, the world should be afraid of the consequences of the world’s (second) richest man meeting with the world’s most vociferous wealth-taxer.

During an appearance at the New York Times’ DealBook conference in New York on Wednesday, Bill Gates appeared to veer from his typical virtue-signaling supremo self, and criticized Elizabeth Warren over her proposed tax plan.

Gates began softly…

I’m all for super-progressive tax systems.

But then reality sank in:

“If I had to pay $20 billion, it’s fine. But when you say I should pay $100 billion, then I’m starting to do a little math about what I have left over.”

Gates went on to argue that taxing too much could jeopardize America’s status as the place to build innovative businesses (somewhat echoing Leon Cooperman’s recent impassioned comments on Warren’s tax plan would crush the American Dream), adding that he was somewhere in between the extremes of cutting the estate tax and imposing a 6% wealth tax on billionaires

And when asked if he would meet with Warren to discuss this, Gates responded:

I’m not sure how open minded she is – or that she’d even be willing to sit down with somebody who has large amounts of money.”

Social media, of course, erupted against Gates’ blasphemic comments but it was Warren herself that took to Twitter to reach out an olive branch (maybe)…

I’m always happy to meet with people, even if we have different views. @BillGates, if we get the chance, I’d love to explain exactly how much you’d pay under my wealth tax.”

It turns out, Gates wouldn’t pay $100 billion under Warren’s plan… it would reportedly be a mere $12 billion (per year).

Gates is hoping the more professional candidate is electable, he added.

“I’d love somebody to find a middle-ground approach, because the government’s role in health care and better education — the government does need more resources than it has today,” Gates said.

One twitter troll perhaps nailed it best…

It’s not like we can trust a word that comes out of her mouth anyway (or perhaps 1/1024th of her mouth)?

Tyler Durden

Thu, 11/07/2019 – 08:30

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