MORMON MASSACRE IN MEXICO: The Back Story is too Radioactive to Publish


TROUBLED PAST Mexico massacre family’s dark history of links to NXIVM ‘sex cult’, polygamous ‘Mormon Manson’ and drug cartel slayings

Patrick Knox
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THE 18 family members involved in a brutal drug cartel massacre had ties to a notorious sex-cult and a polygamous murderer “Mormon Manson”, it has been revealed. 

The killing of nine US citizens, three women and six children, who were travelling in a convoy in Mexico has turned the spotlight on the troubled history of the remote Mormon sect they belonged to.

Six kids were slaughtered in the attack on the convoy of three carsCredit: AFP or licensors

Mum Rhonita Maria LeBaron died along with four of her children

The women were travelling together from Bavispe in Sonora state for “safety reasons” when they were ambushed by a drugs cartel gang on Monday.

The nine victims were members of the LeBaron family, a group of dual Mexican and American citizens who live in a fundamentalist Mormon community.

Police today confirmed that one arrest had been after the killings, which left one vehicle torched and riddled with bullets in what appeared to be a deliberate hit.

Heartbreaking footage also emerged today showing a wounded baby being treated for gunshot wounds in a hospital in the state of Sonora.

US President Donald Trump vowed to “wage war” on Mexican drug cartel “monsters” who allegedly carried out the atrocity against the families who were travelling to a wedding.

But the families are no stranger to exploitation, violence and murder.

As recently as 2010, two members of the community, including one from the LeBaron family, were slain by cartels.

Anti-crime activists Benjamin LeBaron, 31, and his brother-in-law Luis Widmar Stubbs were kidnapped and murdered by cartel after the abduction of his younger brother, who was later released.


In this climate of fear it has been alleged the NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere recruited Mormon women under the promise he could save them from the horrific violence unfolding around them.

Under the guise of a self-help group, Raniere allegedly tricked women into moving into his New York compound, where they were promised jobs as nannies.

But the woman were turned into his sex slaves through such means as shame, punishment and nude blackmail photos.

Some were even forced to have his initials branded on their bodies.

The 58-year-old was arrested in Mexico in 2018, convicted of sex trafficking and faces life in prison when he is sentenced in the New Year.


The group were also previously linked to Ervil LeBaron, known as the “Mormon Manson”, who led a murderous polygamous cult called the Church of the Lamb of God.

The group were responsible for the killing of at least 25 people.

It was disbanded in the early 1980s and Ervil died in prison soon after while serving a life sentence for murder.

One of his 51 children, Anna LeBaron, detailed the reality of the sect in a 2017 book, “The Polygamist’s Daughter”.

Anna said: “My father would order mob-style hits and those would be carried out by his cult members if they stopped believing in him or his practice or religion and left, or sometimes it was rival cult leaders that were blood-atoned for being false prophets.”

Just like followers of notorious cult monster Charles Manson, Anna says her father’s children truly believed everything he told them.

“As a child we were taught that we were celestial children because we were born of the prophet Ervil LeBaron,” Anna recalls.

Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere allegedly sought women from the same group as the murdered Mormons

The ‘Mormon Manson’ Ervil LeBaron was the leader of a polygamous cult responsible for multiple murdersCredit: AP1977

Following his death, six family members masterminded the notorious “four o’clock” murders.

This saw an eight-year-old child and three former members shot dead within minutes of each other in Texas in 1988.

Evril’s son Heber was later held in connection with slayings.

Meanwhile another son, Aaron, was jailed for 45 years in a conviction connected to the murders.

A baby is treated in hospital after the horrifying massacre

Tragic photos also show how a baby’s bottle is covered in bloodCredit: Facebook/dinorah.liddiard

A baby’s car seats was also spattered with bloodCredit: Reuters

People walk into the emergency room at the hospital treating some of the children injuredCredit: AFP or licensors

A woman holds a picture of Mormon anti-crime activist Benjamin LeBaron, left, and his in law Luis Widmar during their funeralCredit: AP:Associated Press

This is the brand of an escaped sex slaveCredit: Frank Report

Anna has spoken out about her life with her father she dubs the ‘Morman Manson’Credit: facebook

Heber LeBaron covers his face with a bible while he and his half brother Douglas Barlow leave a preliminary extradition hearing in Phoenix, ArizonaCredit: AP:Associated Press

A sign announces the entry to Colonia LeBaron, one of many locations where the extended LeBaron family lives in the Galeana municipality of Chihuahua state, MexicoCredit: AP:Associated Press


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