WARNING GRAPHIC: Leaked Photos Show DEM Congresswoman Naked with Staff; Multiple Extramarital Affairs With Staff Alleged

Photographs and text messages show that Dem. Rep. Katie Hill was involved in a long-term sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer. The woman, whose name is not being released, was hired by Hill in late 2017 and quickly became involved in a “throuple” relationship with Hill and her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep. Another relationship…

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37 thoughts on “WARNING GRAPHIC: Leaked Photos Show DEM Congresswoman Naked with Staff; Multiple Extramarital Affairs With Staff Alleged”

  1. Why are people surprised about Democrats. They are the party that started the KKK, not us.
    They are the party that voted against civil rights like voting, not us. They are the party who is actor killed Abraham Lincoln or fighting so hard to free the slaves, not us. I watch these people accuse others Of exactly what they are doing themselves. This is what they do and then they tell a lie enough times that the uninformed uneducated morons that vote for them and support them buy right into it. The dumbing down of America has worked because there is an entire crop of new generations that follow the crowd like sheep on media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
    i’m just tired of them when questioned about their actions they immediately wanna turn the conversation away and blame somebody else for something. When A Democrat admits to doing what they did I’ll probably drop on the floor from lack of breath, but it’s some thing I don’t bank on because I know it never happens.
    now back to the issue in the article this woman should resign from politics, she doesn’t belong there representing people and if she’s allowed to stick around she should be impeached or recalled by her constituents. The problem is I know the Democrats who run the house will do nothing and you can take that to the bank!!

    1. This only makes me want to vote for her. She looks fun. She’s an adult, she can do what she wants. She shouldn’t have trusted her sorry excuse for a husband with those pics though.

      1. This isn’t an episode of big brother or married at first site. It’s not about your personal desire to hang out with her or be in her “scene”. Please grow up and realize we are speaking about JOBS that we hire people to do in a more professional way than you’re average bong smoking Joe. Her husband was cheated on. All bets are off, because she dropped the first punch when she got nakeys in a hotel room with her work staff. Where do you work? Are you literally telling the world right here and right now, that you get down with your colleagues, take pictures of it, and smoke bongs with them? The people you work with? Why are we living in a society where grown adults act like high school kids. Did none of you already pass through this phase then? Didn’t any of you want to actually grow all the way up and garner some respect for your adulthood and the things you are able to achieve and be in life, not related to “how hard you party”?

      2. It’s terrifying you feel this way. This “anything goes” argument is exactly what is wrong with many people in America. And people on both sides of the aisle produce the same egotistical, psychological fallible proclamations. “I can do whatever I want, which makes me strong and smart and in control of myself!”
        No…not so. It shows that you do not have self control, it shows you are not intelligent enough to be responsible with adult matters.
        I have always been an open person…I’m 54 in a few days and part of the Gen-X crowd, the ones that pretty much started accepting divergent behavior and being out of control. Some people like to believe it was the kids from the 60’s, but over time I’ve found that was/is not true. I never care/d if someone is gay or black or has a divergent lifestyle of any sort.
        But not when you’re in public office. Not when you’re shaping the way this country evolves.
        I still smoke pot and I own a business, but if I were to run for office I’d stop with the weed and be more upright as a citizen. Because that is what my country, and its people, deserve.
        That you say you feel more motivated to vote for this woman is terrifying. It shows that media has seeped into your brain on a level where you no longer have the ability to understand between right and wrong.
        Which is sad.
        Put down your “smart” phone and grow up.

    2. It is amusing how the lesser intelligent of the GOP bring this defense of Republicans so often. They heard it at one of their Klan rallies and repeat it without trying to find out why the GOP is currently so oppressive to minorities. He issue isn’t party names, it is which party is conservative. The Dem and Rep parties flip flopped in the 1960s when the whole south was Democrat. Conservatives abandoned the Democratic Party, Dems became the
      Liberal party while southern conservative went over to the republicans and change the party become the current party of bigots and insurrection.

      You are like a sovereign citizen, regurgitating crap you heard on line that convinced you since you didn’t bother to find out the truth.

      1. It sounds like you are the one regurgitating the lines. Especially the one about the “switch”. When was this done, anyhow? Was it all at once with democrats and republicans lining up and trading name tags? Or was it gradual? If it was gradual, how did we miss the years of infighting with both parties having factions of racists and non-racists until they finally settled out like they are now? Or, is it that the parties have never changed? And that the slave-holding, pro-segregation and anti-civil-rights democrat party who started the Klan to intimidate black Americans into not voting republican, found a new way to keep African-Americans working for their benefit and not getting anything in return?

      2. The “flipping positions” you talk about never happened in reality. Of 298 major Democratic positions (Governors, Congressmen, Senators, Mayors of major cities etc) a total of four, count them four left the Democrat party to form the Dixiecrat party or moved to the Republicans. The other 294 pre-civil rights Democrat leaders remained the Democrat leaders. Meanwhile when it came to the approval of Civil Rights legislation far more Republicans voted for it than Democrats. It would not have passed without the Republican votes. You are buying into the “big switch” story of an event that never happened. All that happened is that the people who were running Jim Crow moved to the modern form of Jim Crow – keeping blacks captive on the welfare plantation. On the other side, Republicans fought against slavery with heavy casualties in the Civil War, Republicans drove the Reconstruction to liberate slaves, when Democrats resumed control and instituted Jim Crow, Republicans allied with blacks to fight it – all because the Republicans are the party of freedom for all and the Democrats are all about power, power which requires them to control Blacks and other groups. Nothing changed on the position of the Republican Party – they are still the freedom and equality party. Democrats continue to divide people, to try to break up the desire of people to run their own lives and live as free, self-actualized people the Democrats sabotage them with division, a narrative to make people feel fear, intersectional hierarchies and division of people by sex, sexual preference, race, native origin and every other criteria they can find to seduce the susceptible. The slavery of blacks in the inner city under Democrats is still slavery, just with a different spin and mostly other blacks as the new overlords – all of them serving the donors who control the party.

      3. Didn’t know in this day and age that anyone was this gullible or ignorant…
        Jorma you single handedly proved me wrong.
        Maybe try reading history instead of watching CNN. 😉

  2. Being a woman of a honourable position she should have known better than that, or did a better job protecting the images

  3. “Les be” friends??

    Staffers do all the work of elitist career politicians–thus the career politicians are bored so these two play “stink finger”. Big deal.
    Why liberals even pretend traditional marriage “values” is beyond me other than to FOOL the public.
    Look at all the trouble Obama had to go through to cover-up his trips to Man’s Country Bath House and his “down low club” (weekdays with your wife to make it look normal…select weekends playing drop the soap with the boytoys)
    Of course who could blame him, Michelle probably beat and scared to &^%$ out of him.

    Biden fits perfectly: a pedo.
    If you look closely at Biden in “creepy” videos, you’ll find a HANDLER that will usher Joe away when he becomes too creepy. Betcha that was an Obama appointment: “Your job is keep and eye on creepy Joe around women and esp. children. Usher him away. Save embarrassment”.

    Notice BTW MeToo# is dead? They killed it when the staffer woman accused Joe and when the other woman says she was a victim of Epstein and Creepy Joe. Can’t have the MeToo movement around w/ a pedo eh?

    Notice “Capt Bone Spurs” is dead (Trump and deferment)?:
    They killed it when Joe has 4 college deferments and one for asthma.

    1. Well we already have a sexual molester rapists and someone who fantasize about dating there daughter in the White House – way to go degenerates

      1. Stupid comment. Yes, Trump is an alpha male & he preharps has he not been a gentleman 24h/24 before to become president, and so what…? Also, I never understood why what Trump said about his daugther was so chocking. “IF She Was Not My Daughter I’d Date Her”. This is perfectly clear. He is proud of his children, proud of Ivanka (who is really beautiful by the way) and he shows his admiration by saying something perfectly honnest & healthy. You must have something wrong in your heart & eyes to see evil where there is not.

        1. Thank you very well said I can’t believe how the left has become so racist and evil.
          (I guess that’s why they blame us for there racist comments.

          1. “But Trump is bad, Orange Man bad…
            I can’t think of an actual reason why, but Trump is bad…” – The Left

        2. “Perhaps” he has not been a gentleman? Shows his admiration for his daughter? Not shocking? YOU must have something wrong in the heart!

          1. Good since he never said that. Really so bothered by Trump, but turning yourself into a liar over it is kind of dumb.

      2. You have taken what President Trump out of context. I heard him say that statement. Your mind isn’t in the correct place. My cousin is an absolute God loving Saint. The sweetest woman and wife anyone could know. She overheard her sins talk about finding the right woman to marry someday. They said that woman would have to be like their mother. My cousin is an angel. That is what President Trump meant. Please take your mind out of the gutter.

      1. Anyone who would make a comment like that, should not be allowed to participate in adult society, in our humble opinion. Yet, we have to share the nation with you. The least you can do is not promote crack addiction.

    2. Democrat-Liberal-Progressive-Feminist-Leftist response:
      “SO? WHAT?”

      The Left is softening up the public for tolerance, then acceptance, of sex with prepubescent children. Right now it’s a BIG 🚫-🚫 but with hammering away as was done for sodomy, once not so long ago, “The Abominable and Detestable Crime Against Nature,” once forbidden even for husbands with their wives, now a Constitutional Right, it’s just a matter of time.

      Keep on voting for libertines and what should you expect?

    3. Bongs are usually used for marijuana which is legal in her state, smoking crack out of a waterbong wouldn’t work, try educating yourself before misleading the public