Climate Change Cultists Filling Their Followers With Anxiety: How Long Before The Suicides Start?

Until recently, climate change was a phenomenon debated by scientists, policymakers, and Greenpeace crusties. But doomsday prophets pushing climate fear into the mainstream have anxious liberals running for professional help.

As activist groups around the world prepare to stage a global ‘climate strike’ on Friday, eco-warriors in Washington DC have been staging smaller rallies and outreach events all summer. Behind the drum circles, yoga classes and hacky-sacking that accompanied such events, a cauldron of anxiety bubbled.

According to the Daily Beast, millennial activists – though striving for the same goals as concerned climate scientists worldwide – are losing their minds. Convinced that the world is ending, they’re turning to group therapy sessions to deal with “their feelings of despair, depression, and anxiety.

Police curtail a climate change protest in London © Reuters / Simon Dawson

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Author: Alexander Light

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