Adapt, Accelerate, Finance: Climate Experts Warn Against Inaction

Drawing of a man in a suit holding a small electrical fan towards planet earth In a report from the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) researchers warn world leaders against the cost of inaction against climate change.

The report cites the dangers of inaction, claiming that the now-unavoidable increase in natural disasters could lead to dramatic spikes in poverty and a widening economic gap, which is why it is so important to finance and accelerate early interventions. Key changes that can be made to mitigate damages include accelerating adaptive food production – supporting small scale food producers and using drought-resistant crops – and protecting and restoring critical ecosystems that act as natural disaster barriers, such as mangroves, forests, and wetlands.

The call to action demands revolutions in understanding the urgent risk of climate change, planning for preventative adaptations, and recognizing the importance of financing these adaptations. Action will be expensive, but the researchers allege that it will pay off in social, environmental, and even financial dividends.

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Author: Emily Bruza

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