#SAFEHOME: Dorian, ABACO, Epstein, Ghislaine, TerraMar #HARPA

9/5: While Hurricane Dorian hits North Carolina, did DEAD SHOT hit Abaco intentionally as a China submarine Port? Is there a relation to New Atlantis, Epstein & a break-away civ? Meanwhile, HARPA is pushed forward from the Pentagon to normalize digital red flag surveillance…

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The 2019 Robin Sage Special Ops US military Ops exercise in NC spans 21 counties from 8/30-9/12:

Please watch the Dark Journalist video detailing Howard Hughes, GLOMAR and the investigation of the Bahamian Archipelago:

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Please watch Lori Colley’s video detailing an Epstein abuse survivor detailing her experience underground at Pedo Island:

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China Builds Port in Bahamas, Provides ‘Military Assistance’ And Equipment 180 Miles Off U.S. Coast





HARPA: Ivanka Pushes Gun Control & Weaponized Psychological Profiling


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