#PEDOCRIME: ASAP Rocky’s Prosecutor Protects Pedophile! #JUSTICE4ANNA

8/2: With ASAP Rocky being released from jail in Sweden today pending the verdict of his case after nearly a month in jail, we find that Daniel Suneson, the Prosecutor in his case, is also prosecuting a case that protects a pedophile, the Stockholm PD, Swedish CPS and victimizes an abused 7 year old boy who is still in the custody of the abuser. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

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ASAP Rocky released from jail pending verdict in Swedish assault trial


Please support Anna in her defense and upcoming custody case to save her son:

Swedish Mother Anna battles same Prosecutor as A$AP Rocky. Pedo agencies give her son to pedo father and jail Mother. Please join Anna Go Fund Me to overturn pedocriminal Sweden agencies.

Anna battles same Prosecutor as A$AP Rocky. Pedo agencies give her son to pedo father and jail Anna

Alfred Webre interviews Anna and her lawyer, Jan Bjorkland, yesterday:

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Exclusive: Women’s March Protester Found Guilty of Sex Abuse Against Infowars Reporter

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