#DEBATE: Will K_mala Come Clean? Smoll_tt, G00GLE Camp #HUMANTRAFFICKING

7/31: Tonight, Harris will try to dominate the debate, but will she come clean about her personal gains from her family’s past in the Jamaican slave industry? While the debates resume, the Hollywood, Big Tech and Bankster elite attend the G00GLE Beach Party in Siciliy and the G_lroy m_ssacre has some curious background details…

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ROOTS: Kamala Harris and the WHITE Irish slave trading business that enriched her family

https://www.jamaicaglobalonline.com/kamala-harris-jamaican-heritage — AS of 7pm, just before the debate, this website went down. I was trying to link the story by Donald H_rris, about his grandmothers and bringing his daughters, AKA members, Maya and K_mala back to visit their ancestral property passed down from Irish sl_ver, H_milton Br_wn, founder of Br_wnstown, Jamaica, in St Ann’s P_rish. I read the story in full for the 2nd time hours ago, and now it is gone…Anyone have another link for it?

Kamala Harris’s Father Decries “Fraudulent Stereotype” in Daughter’s Interview


G00GLE’s elite beach party:

A Sneak Peek at Google’s Top-Secret ‘Billionaires Summer Retreat’ in Sicily

Here’s a good account of 2017’s party:



BREAKING: Gilroy Shooter Identified as Iranian-American With Islamic Imagery on Instagram

Gilroy Police Department Rocked by Lurid Sex Scandal Lawsuit

Garlic Fest Gives $255k

The Nazi Romance With Islam Has Some Lessons for the United States

Marianne Williamson’s platform that made her successful, A Course in Miracles, came out of MK Ult_a experiements at Columbia Univ.:
A Course in Miracles and MK-Ultra Mind Control

Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google

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