People Witness Pretty Girl Committing Theft but Ignore It – Until One Man Steps In


In a social experiment called Stealing From The Homeless, staged by the ModelPranksters in New York, actors set up hidden cameras and reenacted a scene in which a homeless person had his money stolen. The group sought to test how people would react and what they would do when faced with a crime. What if the robber happened to be a hot young girl?

Through the experiment, the ModelPranksters determined that appearances can be deceiving. In the social experiment video uploaded to YouTube by Coby Persin, the first man just fixes the attractive woman with a gaze after witnessing her steal from a homeless guy in broad daylight. Instead of confronting the pretty woman, he chooses to walk away.

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The same thing happens as the good-looking lady reenacts the scene again and again for an hour. This “wolf in sheep’s clothing” completely gets away with the crime—smiling each time. No one speaks up for the homeless man, except for one man, who demands the pretty woman put the money back.

So, what happens when a man steals from the homeless man? In the following sequence, a young man steals from the homeless guy; and almost immediately, he is chased and berated by most of the people who catch sight of the theft.

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“Put that back right now. Put that back right now. Put that back right now. Put that back right now,” one person repeatedly orders the male thief. While in another scene, a passerby quickly catches the mugger red-handed as soon as he attempts to run away. Later, a crowd gathers around the thief, causing a slight commotion before he finally reveals it’s a social experiment.

Though there’s no definition of how a thief should look like, the social experiment showed that it was the gender and attractiveness of the “thief” that was the most important factor as to whether they would be caught or not. “When the Girl Stole from the homeless guy only 1 person confronted her. When a guy stole from the homeless guy 9/10 times someone said something!” Coby Persin wrote.

A homeless man sleeps on Seventh Avenue in New York on Oct. 3, 2016. (©The Epoch Times | Samira Bouaou)

The video of this interesting social experiment has racked up more than 16 million views and over 130,000 likes, even since it was posted in June 2014. Many social media users were pissed off that an attractive woman can get away with the crime, while a man can’t.

“Guys does it= crime. Women does it= ignoring,” one user wrote. Another chimed in: “So if you’re a hot girl you can pretty much get away with anything?” Another commented: “Why are people so afraid to stand up to girls?” Whilst one opined: “I would totally react no matter what gender.”

So, do you agree or disagree with the ModelPranksters’ conclusion on such a social experiment? How would you react if you witnessed a good-looking woman committing a crime? Would you turn a blind eye to her crime or confront her over it? Would you stand up for the homeless man? Well … if you see something, say something!

Watch the surprising social experiment:

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Author: Li Yen, Simone Jonker

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