Can DOS Slaves Survive Without a Slave Master?

By Barry

Nice article — Bizarre Nxivm: Black Woman Fights to Be Called Slave of White Man, Keith Raniere

Although I believe Frank is writing much of this tongue-in-cheek since race or heritage isn’t an issue in this cult.

While India [l] got out of DOS – in large part through the intercession of her mother, Catherine – Michelle Hatchette [c] and Dr. Danielle Roberts [r] still crave the world of DOS where your every action is under the control of another human being.

I have to believe the majority of these women who wish to continue this master-slave relationship at this point are doing so because that’s what they want to do. They have found some comfort in this arrangement.

What it will take to shake them out of it remains a mystery.

Can Nicki Clyne fill the role as female master to the remaining DOS slaves? Will they still need a male Supreme Master. Can their current Supreme Master, Keith Alan Raniere, suffice while he sits in prison for the remainder of his life? And what if with the ongoing criminal investigation in Nxivm results in faithful first line slave Clyne being sent to prison? How will the DOS slaves be ruled and given the daily, hour-by-hour guidance they need and crave in order to function as “badass” women?

But I would think in a situation like this where your headmaster is in the process of being sent away, that it’s natural for the underlings to double down and circle the wagons. These women seem to suffer from some inferiority complex while at the same time having a form of pride that doesn’t allow them to self-reflect on their current situation. That’s a marginally fancy way of saying they’re too proud to see they’ve been taken advantage, so they’ll “show them”.

What it might take to break away is the new top masters, the Nicki Clynes of the world, to be unable to control the situation as Keith did and the slaves become disillusioned with the newest arrangement. But who’s to say with their personalities they wouldn’t seek a new master-slave relationship in some other setting.

Lauren Salzman, Nxivm was her whole life for 20 years. From 1998 to her arrest in August 2018, she was a leader of Nxivm. In 2017, she was the last first line slave invited into DOS by her master Keith Alan Raniere. Here she shares a laughs with her sister-wife Allison Mack.

I also have to wonder about the Lauren Salzmans of this cult and their future. She expresses regret now and talks about how she did things she knew was wrong but felt obligated to do so. But after 20 years of living like that and considering it to be the norm, can she and those like her really de-program in six months or a year? Hopefully, she is getting professional help and will continue to work through this.

However, this is parallel to a junkie who used for a long time and is now trying to detox. One slip and you’re back to doing it again, and maybe this time you have to intensify the situation to get the same high.


With their adorable master in custody and awaiting sentencing, who will fill the void as their male Supreme Master?

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Author: Frank Parlato