Keanu Reeves Hailed ‘Respectful King’ by Fans for How He Poses With Women

Why do so many people like Keanu Reeves? Aside from his dashing but stoic countenance, we love the “The Matrix,” “Speed,” and “John Wick” actor for his generosity and compassionate nature. The humble superstar has also been secretly financing children’s hospitals.

Now, there’s another reason to admire the 54-year-old actor, whose off-screen life can aptly be described as tragic—as he has gone through some serious hardships in his life. The well-loved actor is recently being hailed as a “respectful king” for his hands-off approach with women in photos. He has been spotted not touching women while taking photos with them.

Actor Keanu Reeves at the Summit Entertainment’s premiere of “John Wick” in ArcLight Hollywood on Oct. 22, 2014, in Hollywood, California. (©Getty Images | Jason Merritt)

Fan Kemoy Lindsay first pointed out this lovely trait of the “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” star in a tweet on June 9. She wrote: “Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances,” alongside a collage of images she collected to drive her point.

In the photos, rather than placing his hands on the waist of his fans and country star Dolly Parton, Keanu keeps his hands open, hovering in the air, or puts them in his pockets, apparently trying to avoid any form of body contact with them. Now that’s a gentleman.

Keanu is revered so much for his respectful poses that the tweet has gone massively viral, garnering more than 393,000 likes and over 82,000 shares.

Fans have a lot to comment about Keanu’s exceptional gentlemanly gesture.

“Honestly the only hero we have left,” one adoring fan wrote.

“It’s not about not taking chances,” another commented. “It’s about being considerate and respectful, qualities that Keanu carries in spades.”

A third one concurred: “He’s respectful. This should be how it’s done unless ya know the woman doesn’t mind being touched. Keanu should inspire us all.”

“I don’t think embracing someone asking to take a picture with you is disrespectful, in theory. But choosing to still respect their personal space is smart because it is thoughtful,” a fourth one remarked.

“1 of 1,234,765 reasons why I love Keanu Reeves,” an enthused fan wrote.

Another praised: “i stan a respectful king love you so much keanu.”

However, aside from all the positive remarks, some commentators suggested that Keanu is simply playing it safe to avoid accusations of inappropriate behavior amidst the “Me Too” movement.

“He’s trying not to catch a sexual assault charge since even a hug can get you to that point these days,” one wrote.

While one Asian fan chimed in to say: “It’s called ‘manner hands’ And is used by many men around the world (mainly Asian countries).”

That’s right! The heartthrob’s old-fashioned respect towards women might be due to his Asian heritage.

Keanu does have Asian roots. He told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2013: “My grandmother is Chinese and Hawaiian, so I was around Chinese art, furniture and cuisine when I was growing up.”

The courteous Keanu once said in an interview with ESSENCE: “I hope that whatever opportunities I’ve had, or the work that I’m doing, in some way can entertain and can also—I don’t want to say teach—but have something of value come out of it.”

Well, in traditional Chinese culture, as in traditional Korean culture, physical contact between opposite sex is limited to close relatives. For ancient Chinese, chastity in relations between men and women was seen as a virtue.

Keep it that way, Keanu Reeves! We love you for being respectful!

©Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

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Author: Li Yen