Guest View: Ramthas School of Enlightenment IS a Cult!! – Leave It Now

By Bobbie Joe

The Ramthas School of Enlightenment IS a cult!!

It’s registered as “Amusement & Entertainment” on it’s business license. Nothing has ever been proven regarding the existence of the 35,000 year old windbag [Ramtha]! Zero, zip, nada!!

The “experts” being referred to in the article Ramtha the One: We Are Not a Cult Like Nxivm and J. Z. Knight Must Not Be Compared to Keith Raniere were invited to an all expense’s paid trip to the Ramtha compound, and most had qualifications that had nothing to do with parapsychology or pseudo science.

J. Z. Knight used this “study” to try and legitimize herself to her sheep-like followers.

I’d ask the poor guy who wrote this post if he ever bothered to read it?

The author to Finding Enlightenment, J. Gordon Melton, Melton, was paid a ton of money by J.Z. Knight to write the book — so it’s hardly “unbiased”.

Then Knight came up with some bullshit DNA study that she says “proves” that her and rambles [while purportedly channeling Ramtha] have different DNA!

Think about that for a second –  when she channels/rambles, her DNA changes? Yet everything else about her stays the same?

Wouldn’t a complete change in DNA change every cell of the body into the new code?

Why all the bullshit? Why not just have Knight appear in front of a group of respected scientists and journalists when she is channeling/rambling Ramtha?

Her sheep are no longer the deep thinkers they once were, obviously. Her philosophy is all about using the power of your own mind to create the reality you desire. Sounds magical.

What one doesn’t realize is that the training she prescribes to get you there, is also taking away your mind in the process!! Hamsters on a wheel!!

J.Z. Knight says you can reverse aging by following her disciplines, yet her face is full of Botox, fillers and collagen!!

J. Z Knight

She claims there are no victims, unless her boyfriend cheats on her, or she needs to sue someone, then she’s allowed to play victim!!

Anyone who has “all the answers” wouldn’t need to charge people exorbitant prices to hear the “truth”!

Any group that trains you to shut off your inner voice and instincts to trust in another by making your instincts equal your “ego”, is brainwashing you into a mindless follower!!

Nobody willingly joins a cult. They are trying to find a better way to live their lives, and then before they realize, it’s a bait and switch. They’ve let someone else control their own mind thinking they were making it stronger, and more evolved. Blind trust in a charlatan.

Once realized, it takes a lot of time to trust yourself again.

There’s no greater punishment than knowing you’ve disappointed yourself!! Yet, I also believe, there’s no greater wisdom than coming to terms with it and recovering.


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Author: Artvoice