CNN Panel Slams ‘Arrogant, Lazy Biden’ Over Latest Example Of Plagiarism


Joe Biden has a plagiarism problem dating back to law schooland he was just busted again after his campaign was caught lifting language for his environmental plan word-for-word from environmental nonprofits without attribution

Not having any of it was CNN anchor John King, who slammed Biden on Wednesday over the most recent plagiarism, according to the Free Beacon‘s David Rutz

This is a pretty amateur mistake for the frontrunner’s campaign to make on a substantial policy rollout, when they had to know … the one thing they cannot do is plagiarize,” said King, adding that it was not an “A” performance by Biden’s team. 

When this has been an issue in the past … he’s the leader of the organization. Hello?”

“It’s lazy or it’s arrogant,” chimed in Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian, adding “You would think he would be happy to quote progressive groups on his website.” 

You can’t do this stuff. You just can’t,” said King, arguing that it was an issue of leadership and competence. 


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Author: Tyler Durden

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