Bangkok: NDNY Will Not Likely Prosecute Raniere! – Here’s Why

By Bangkok

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (okay, I actually enjoy it) but…

K.R. Claviger is WRONG yet again – on his post Pressure Continues to Mount on the NDNY To Do Something

NDNY [The US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York] is most certainly NOT feeling pressure to bring charges against NXIVM.

Nor are they LIKELY to bring charges once the EDNY [US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York] trial is over.

Here’s six reality checks for Claviger:

1) NDNY is a federal agency which doesn’t revolve around Albany politics or local Albany newspapers. The US Attorney in charge of NDNY has NO PRESSURE whatsoever to make NXIVM a target. He can ignore NXIVM. This whole news topic will fade way into the sunset once the defendants are sentenced in the EDNY case.

2) The remaining charges (which could be tried in the NDNY) are difficult and complex cases to win, requiring many months of investigative efforts. The NDNY would have to devote TONS of man hours (and spend millions of dollars) to prosecute people who have ALREADY been prosecuted and sentenced to jail. It’s like whipping a dead horse.

Contrary to Claviger’s belief, the NDNY can’t just have the EDNY feed them a few boxes of files and be ready for trial in a month, it doesn’t FUCKEN work like that you ASSHOLE! Nor will Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza travel to NDNY to try the cases herself, you dipshit.

3) Why the FUCK would the NDNY devote huge financial resources (and manpower) towards prosecuting a complex case WHEN most of these people are ALREADY going to fucken jail anyway?

Again, it’s whipping a dead horse from the NDNY’s perspective.

4) Truth is, Claviger is telling us tall tales and engaging in wishful thinking. The NDNY will never bring charges once the EDNY case is over.

5) I’ve consulted with a psychic who agrees with me (this same psychic helped me to predict the winner of a Superbowl).

6) Claviger is full of shit, as usual, which leads me to believe he’s not a real defense attorney cuz his judgment isn’t very realistic. I’m guessing that he’s a failed trial attorney and is now a personal injury ambulance chaser.

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