Heidi: Lauren Was ‘Ass-Deep’ in Nxivm but Allison Mack Was Set to Take the Fall

By Heidi Hutchinson

Lauren Salzman was at least ass-deep in NXIVM at the time of my sister Gina’s death — whether or not it was Lauren who actually penned Gina’s Nxivm death chart in August 2002 – as some have indicated.

Perhaps that was the mysterious writing assignment Lauren testified she was loathe to undertake that so upset Keith Alan Raniere.

Lauren was also square in the “inner circle” when clients were being carried out in stretchers and hospitalized, when Kristin Snyder “disappeared,” etc. all the way up to the moment of KAR’s arrest.

Lauren was even among the harem in Mexico standing by the man she testified she was no longer interested in having sexual relations with as the Federales stuffed him in the wagon.

Curiously, it was only Allison Mack pictured in the video frames sent to Frank Report for publication.

And we still don’t know who was behind “Nicki Clyne’s phone camera.”

Maybe Allison Mack does. She can’t be reading this since using a computer is against HERs but not Lauren’s bail orders. Let’s hope Ally’s asked about that on the stand, but I kinda doubt it will happen.

In my book, Ally was and still is being set up to take the fall and or cushion it for the Salzman’s, Raniere and our Amigos en Mexico — one of whom happens to own that Nation’s bank, another of whom has a huge chunk of the money that was once in that bank to his family name, who were butt-fucking (figuratively speaking) long before Raniere and Salzman had them ‘manifesting the act on the physical plane.’

Another thing — a paradox if you will — why DID Nancy pants casually leave half a million —her escape stash — under her bed at the time of Raniere’s arrest?

My Guess? Dennis Burke and John Sandweg — their long retained immigration counsel — allegedly retained by that shrewd maven of legal business, Clare Bronfman, plum forgot to tell Nance about the FBI protocol (HA!) that might have them showing up at her door with a camera crew and search warrant upon KAR’s arrest so many miles away. Maybe they even reassured old Nan and Clare Bear they were in no danger of arrest themselves. But Nancy kept the money handy just in case.

My, but didn’t they get that armed, retired Secret Service protection detail for Raniere’s bail hearing lined up fast? Along with some other key, distinguished officers of the court?

But, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s all the fault of one sinister, demented, schizo starlet —former starlet — screaming out bloody murder in the night named Allison “Pimp” Mack — who, like her icon Joan of Arc had visions of grandeur — only Allison’s visions may have only been Hollywood stardom and finding the man of her dreams.

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