Shadow: Allison Mack Is Not Sane

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By Shadow State

The relevant passages of Mark Vicente’s testimony about Allison Mack should be discussed:

Vicente: “I remember when she (Allison) was going to be promoted, I remember saying … ‘are you serious, that’s insane. There’s something not stable about her. ”

My response:

From the beginning Allison Mack had serious mental health issues.  These issues exist without Keith Raniere doing anything.  I have discussed in some detail Ms. Mack’s narcissism.

Shadow: Allison Mack is complex

Shadow: Allison Mack may be easy to manipulate but that does not absolve her of her many crimes

Narcissist Personality Disorder is marked by:
1.Lack of Empathy towards others.
2. Lack of Boundaries in personal behavior
3. A craving for adoration.

Prisons are packed with people who suffer from psychological disorders.


“Q: Did Allison Mack get along with your wife?
A: At the beginning, I think, yes. Later, not so much.”

:”And she (my wife Bonnie) also had concerns about Allison’s… psychology, about her… erratic behavior and whether she … would be able to lead well.”

“And then he began to elicit from each person two different things. He basically had Allison admit that she… hated my wife, was trying to destroy her. Was very jealous of her”

” that what she done was a real problem and that she needed to really look into herself and fix this — this impulse that she has to destroy another woman. You know that has to be fixed. So … the way I remembered ending was basically [Allison] she has to go fix this.”

My response: Many people knew about Allison’s personality disorders and erratic behavior.

So much was known about Allison’s erratic behavior that she earned the nickname “Ally Wack.

Catherine Oxenberg wrote in the book “Captive” that Mack would wake up at 2 AM at night screaming bloody murder and could only calm down by going on long walks until dawn.


“Q: Did India have a relationship with Allison Mack?
A: She would come to have a relationship when she spent more time at Albany. She… ended up being tutored by Allison Mack, or Allison Mack took a particular interest in her and took her under her wing…. I had a lot of concerns about that.”

Q: I think you mentioned that you had some important concerns about India’s relationship with Allison Mack?

A: Well, I was very concerned with what happened … I saw with India was that she became enamored with Allison Mack. The kind of enamor where you don’t just admire someone because they were skilled, [but] like ‘fall in love’ with Allison Mack, ‘you are my everything’.

And I said to myself, ‘something’s unhealthy about that. I don’t know that it’s healthy for her to look at Allison Mack as some kind of… deity who knows all.’ Knowing Allison… I didn’t think that Allison should necessarily be mentoring young women, so yeah, I had concerns.

Q: You discuss those concerns with the defendant?

A: I did.

Q: What did you say?

A: I remember saying something like, ‘I don’t think that she [India] should be mentored by Allison. I don’t think it’s healthy. I think Allison has a series of issues that I’m concerned with and I don’t think she should be teaching India or some of the other people.’

Q: What was the defendant’s response?

A: I don’t recall specifically. I do remember him saying something like, ‘you know, well it’s not really my concern.’…

My Response:

I apologize to Catherine Oxenberg for what I am about to say but the facts are clear: Any shame in this sorrowful episode belongs on Allison Mack’s shoulders, not India’s.

These passages demonstrate that Allison Mack enjoyed the services of India Oxenberg as a sex slave.
NXIVM DOS was not only designed for Raniere’s benefit, but also to serve Allison Mack’s sexual desires.  Allison Mack should be ashamed of herself.

India Oxenberg is an impressionable young woman and Allison Mack as a mentor exploited the love and respect that India had for her.  Allison Mack used and abused India Oxenberg.  Allison Mack is a perpetrator.

Allison Mack is a mentally unbalanced woman who can not put her own life together and Allison Mack has no business mentoring anyone.  Allison Mack is like the lesbian gym teacher who abuses the young women she is supposed to be coaching.


Q: So could you describe this conversation with Kayla?

A: She told me that at a certain point she had seen a vow on Allison Mack’s computer. The vow was to Raniere, vowing in essence that she would never leave. And that if she ever did, she would give up … any children she had to him and all her possessions. So it was some kind of a life-long vow.

When I heard that from her [Kayla], I was extremely disturbed…. this seemed extreme. Of course, I was very concerned.

Q: Did this type of vow that you described, did it appear to be different from the other vows that you were familiar with in NXIVM?

A: It was much more extreme. In essence giving up your children, giving up all your worldly possessions. It disturbed me.

My response:

Allison’s vow to give up her children sounds like something from an old European children’s tale.
It sounds like the story of Rumpelstiltskin.


No man, even one as demented as Keith Raniere, would demand a woman’s children as tribute.

Sometimes husbands and wives fight over child custody but both already have a relationship with the children.


In a later post, I will discuss this issue of pledging one’s children as “collateral in more detail and in a different context.


I believe the idea of pledging one’s children to Raniere came from Allison Mack herself.  No sane woman would pledge her children as collateral.  Allison Mack is NOT sane.

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