Video: Keith Raniere Puts New [Dirty] Meaning on the Word ‘Official’

He’s your Vanguard.

In a video obtained by the New York Post and published on their website, Keith Raniere gives the world something to ponder.

In his typical, broken sentence delivery, the world’s self-proclaimed smartest man – now on trial for sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes – puts a new spin on the word ‘official’  – imbuing that word with a little sludge from the bottom-filth of his mind.

The 2012 video of Raniere, shows him in his sex lair, with his student Mark.

The video, of which the above is but an excerpt, was shown to the jury in Raniere’s trial.

In the excerpt, Vanguard gives a new [adolescent] meaning to the word, “official.

Raniere and Mark are looking through Mark’s official wedding album.  And right off the bat, Vanguard shows the kind of mind and keen powers of observation he has:

He asks Mark, as he looks at various pictures, “Did you notice in one of the crowd shots one of the women wasn’t wearing panties?

Mark says, “How do you notice those things?

Keith says, “The camera was focused….”

Looking at what I suspect was the picture of when the couple was pronounced man and wife, Keith says, “It was official”.

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: Now there is this whole thing about changing the word ‘official.’ Ah, I have corrupted people’s minds….

They continue looking through the album.

Mark: It’s the official [inaudible] –I think that’s one that’s inside already.

Keith: See how the word ‘official’ has. Once. You know how a meme, once it catches in your mind?

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: Probably an awful insult. Worse than saying a woman. You know, if you say a woman’s ‘piggie’, that’s pretty bad. That’s something that. ‘She’s piggie.’ That’s not womanly, but to tease a woman about her odor, saying that she’s. About fish. She’s a fish – hole.  O-ffic-ial.

Both men laugh.

Keith: It’s official. All these weddings. It’s official. She’s a fish-hole.

Mark: She’s official.

Keith: She’s a fish-hole. It’s official.

Mark: She smells that bad.

Keith: Look, Mark its official.  So you’ll never, never hear that word ‘official’ again.

Mark: You have you actually messed it up now.  I like the way you led me there.

Keith: A fish-hole.

Mark: Official.

Keith: Normally I don’t say ‘official’ first.

Mark: Yeah.

Keith: I did to the volleyball team.

Mark: Yeah, you go there slowly.


So there you have it. This is the stuff of Vanguard – the things he taught his students. He took the word “official” and put his dirty mind into it.

Now, when we hear the word, we might, like Nxivm members, recall the word fish-hole in connection to women.  And think of him and his dirty mind.

We might be gladdened to think that it is official – he was charged and is now on trial.

And when the verdict is official – a very smelly and rotten man, who taught a lot of fishy things when he wasn’t coercing and trafficking, extorting and racketeering, will be taken by officials of the US Marshal’s office and led to a penitentiary which will be his official address for many years to come.

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Author: Frank Parlato

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