Video: Girl and Border Collie Show Fancy Moves, Leaving Audience in Awe

In modern society, it is said that 60.2 million US households own a dog. Evidently, we are a nation of dog lovers, and with dogs being ‘man’s best friend’, it’s easy to see why we love them so much! Their affection and intelligence make them the ultimate pet for many families, with most dogs wanting little more than a scratch under the chin and a ball to amuse them. Furthermore, their impressive intelligence means that dogs can be taught a large number of commands and skills, from something so (seemingly) simple as potty training to fun tricks such as begging and rolling over. Some dogs in society have even been trained to serve as working dogs, with sniffer dogs and assistance dogs serving to improve the lives of many people. But for some people, training their dog to sit or lie down simply isn’t enough. They want more, and with the right animal, this can be achieved through the art of teaching dogs to ‘dance’.

Working in collaboration with its owner, this particular border collie–one of the smartest dog breeds in the world—performs highly advanced and complicated dance routines that many humans might even struggle to remember! You’ll be amazed by the level of passion and teamwork that the pair share with one another, making the routine a truly beautiful sight to behold which speaks so wonderfully of the importance of the dog in our modern world, and how we owe them so much for their millennia of unwavering loyalty and willingness to learn.

Video Credit: thesupercollies | Instagram

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