CIA/NSA Whistleblower: 20 Million Americans Illegally Targeted

Government Genocide/Crimes Against Humanity: Over 20 Million Americans (Including President Trump) Illegally Targeted, Tracked, Stalked, Zapped with Directed Energy-Neuro Weapons, and 24/7 Surveilled According to CIA/NSA Whistleblower

Eric Karlstrom

Webmaster (ETK) Comment: This is essential information for all Americans and all “Targeted Individuals.” What we commonly refer to as “gang stalking-electronic torture” and the “targeted individual” program actually refer to 70+ year government-sponsored programs devised to conquer and destroy America and the American people.

I. Jeff Rense with Ken Rhoades & David Brinsko – Hard Proof Of Mass Mind Control In America

II. Hannity – Whistle blower Dennis Montgomery suing James Comey

III. “The Hammer” – Ultra-Secret Supercomputer System Used By CIA and NSA To Wiretap Trump

“THE HAMMER” — Ultra-secret Supercomputer System Used by CIA/NSA to ‘Wiretap’ Trump

IV. Bombshell: CIA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery Leaks 47 Harddrives Exposing Obama Administration Massive Surveillance Of Government Employees

BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaks 47 Hard Drives Exposing Obama Administration Spying

V. ICYMI: Former Govt Contractor Sues James Comey Alleges Cover-up On Over 20 Million Americans Illegally Unmasked

VI. Whistleblower: Obama-Era Deep State Surveillance Program Spied On Trump, Judges, Others

VII. Obama Intelligence Chiefs Hacked Computer Of FISA Court Judge

VII. (FBI Chief) James Comey Being Sued Media Blackout

James Comey Being Sued – Media Blackout


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Author: The Millennium Report

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